Soliom SL800-4G US Review: Top Security Pick?


The SOLIOM SL800-4G LTE Cellular Security Camera, equipped with a 20W Solar Panel, excels in remote areas without Wi-Fi. It offers reliable surveillance with a 20000mAh battery and solar power. This camera features 24/7 recording, a wide field of view with pan-tilt functions, color night vision, and motion detection, ensuring comprehensive security for places like construction sites and farms. Despite some connectivity issues, its overall performance and user-friendly mobile app are highly valued.

Explore the SOLIOM SL800-4G LTE Cellular Security Camera in our detailed review. Discover its solar-powered autonomy, 24/7 recording, and other features.

Overview Of The SOLIOM SL800-4G Cellular Security Camera

Ideal for areas lacking Wi-Fi and power access, this camera offers robust cellular connectivity and is powered by dual solar panels and a 20000mAh battery, ensuring continuous surveillance. It includes a preloaded 32GB micro SD card (expandable to 128GB) for 24/7 recording. Features include a wide pan and tilt range for extensive coverage, enhanced night vision with spotlights, and a motion detection system. Users must consider available cellular data plans for 4G connectivity and may experience occasional disconnection or login issues with the app.

Considering its features and capabilities, Soliom SL800-4G US is a contender in the outdoor security camera market for off-grid applications.

Key Features

When examining the capabilities of modern security solutions, a few features stand apart for ensuring continuous surveillance and convenience. Let’s explore these key aspects in detail.

24/7 Continuous Recording

The device ensures round-the-clock recording, storing footage locally on a preinstalled 32GB Micro SD card, with support for up to 128GB for extended storage. Continuous recording is a cornerstone for uninterrupted security monitoring, providing peace of mind for property owners.

Autonomy With Solar Power

SOLIOM’s security camera breaks free from traditional power sources with its dual 20W solar panels and a substantial 20000mAh battery setup. The SL800-4G is an excellent fit for areas without conventional electricity access, consistently self-recharging to maintain a constant state of operational readiness.

Pan Tilt Wide Angle & Advanced Night Vision

Flexibility in surveillance is offered through a 355° horizontal and 95° vertical pan-tilt mechanism and a wide-angle lens providing a comprehensive view. Enhanced by four spotlight LEDs, the camera delivers full-color night vision up to 32ft, ensuring detailed visibility in low-light conditions.

Reliable Motion Detection & Alerts

Armed with a precision PIR motion sensor and advanced pixel analysis technology, the SL800-4G minimizes false alarms while effectively detecting human movement. The camera sends instant alerts to users, coupled with the capability to trigger a warning to potential intruders, further solidifying its defensive stance.

Pros And Cons Of Soliom SL800-4G US

Pros Of SOLIOM SL800-4GCons Of SOLIOM SL800-4G
Robust 20,000mAh battery and 20W solar panel for continuous power.Occasional connectivity issues requiring resets.
24/7 recording capability with Micro SD card support.Frequent app logins needed, causing inconvenience.
IP66-rated for dust and water resistance, suitable for outdoor use.Variable signal strength, affecting reliable connection.
4G LTE cellular connection for operation without local Wi-Fi.Ongoing costs for cellular data plans; minimal trial data.
Motion detection technology to minimize false alarms.Some users find installation challenging or instructions unclear.
Extensive coverage with 355° horizontal and 95° vertical pan and tilt.
Enhanced color night vision with four spotlights.
Preloaded SIM card with data plans for flexibility.

Installation And Setup

Installation and Setup Summary: The SOLIOM SL800-4G camera offers easy setup, ideal for areas lacking Wi-Fi or electricity. It comes with a preloaded 32GB Micro SD card (expandable to 128GB) for essential 24/7 recording. Its dual 20W solar panels power a 20,000mAh battery, enabling flexible placement without needing a power source. Users can control pan and tilt via the Soliom+ App and set up cellular connectivity with an included nano-SIM card. While setup is straightforward, optimal solar panel alignment is crucial, and users may need to adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity via the app. This camera is well-suited for outdoor settings like farms and construction sites, offering a reliable security solution for remote locations.

Battery And Power Efficiency

Battery and Power Efficiency Overview: The SOLIOM SL800-4G camera features a substantial 20,000mAh battery, supporting extended operation and reducing the need for frequent recharging. Its integrated 20W solar panel enhances self-sufficiency, efficiently harvesting solar energy to keep the battery charged, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective for remote locations. Users report consistent performance with minimal maintenance needs. While features like 360° pan-tilt and color night vision consume more power, the camera’s energy management effectively balances these demands, contributing to its overall power efficiency for outdoor security.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a security camera for areas that lack traditional power sources, the solar-powered element is a significant advantage. The solar feature of the camera allows it to maintain a charge without needing wired power, catering to the needs of users looking for low-maintenance, eco-friendly solutions. Solar power provides a level of reliability that is difficult to achieve with traditional power sources in remote or off-grid locations.

How does the Soliom SL800-4G camera’s solar-powered feature compare to traditional power sources for security cameras?

The solar-powered capability of the SL800-4G offers distinct benefits over traditional power sources. Its dual 20W solar panels and 20000mAh battery ensure a continuous power supply, reducing the need for manual recharging or battery replacement. This is particularly useful in maintaining operation during power outages or in locations without access to electrical infrastructure.

Can the Soliom SL800-4G cellular security camera operate continuously, and how does its 24/7 recording capability work?

The Soliom SL800-4G cellular security camera is designed for continuous operation, supporting 24/7 recording to a preloaded 32GB Micro SD card, expandable up to 128GB. Its solar panels ensure the camera remains charged, minimizing manual intervention, while an additional cloud storage option is available for motion-triggered videos.

What measures can be taken to enhance the security of cellular security cameras to prevent hacking?

To enhance the security of the camera and prevent hacking, it’s recommended to regularly update the camera’s firmware, use strong, unique passwords for the app, employ end-to-end encryption for data transmission, and follow best practices for network security of connected devices.

How is the Soliom SL800-4G’s auto-tracking feature beneficial in a security setup, especially when compared to other solar security cameras?

The SL800-4G’s auto-tracking feature significantly boosts its security effectiveness. It automatically adjusts pan and tilt to keep moving subjects within frame, reducing blind spots and providing more comprehensive coverage than static cameras.

For the Soliom SL800-4G, what are the battery life expectations and what do users need to know about battery maintenance or replacement?

Regarding battery life, the SL800-4G’s 20000mAh battery coupled with solar recharging allows for long intervals between manual recharging, depending on sunlight exposure. It requires minimal maintenance due to its self-circulating solar power supply, and the battery replacement process is straightforward, as guided by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Choosing The SOLIOM SL800-4G Security Camera

The SOLIOM SL800-4G security camera impresses with its 360° pan-tilt functionality, powerful 20W solar panel, and user-friendly installation. It offers reliable motion detection and exceptional color night vision. Despite its robust 20,000mAh battery, some users report intermittent connectivity issues and the need for frequent app logins. Overall, users are satisfied with its durability, value, and performance in property monitoring, especially in areas with limited connectivity

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