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Last updated: March 29, 2023


Meet our team of talented content producers. Feel free to contact any of our team members for editorial contributions or you may also check out our Editorial Guidelines page.

Gabriel Martinez
Editorial Director

Hand-in-hand with the executive department, Gabriel forms the overarching vision that incorporates the company's online publication. Gabriel was an Editor-in-Chief in two tech publications and has worked alongside tech giants in delivering customer-focused innovation through technological advancements in the security industry before joining as one of the executives for Security Forward. As our director, he amplifies the overall objective of the publication and our content. All writing selected for the publication should fit in with the vision of the editorial director. Other responsibilities include managing vendor and community relationships and ensuring content is developed on schedule.

Dale Early
Editor in Chief

Dale has been with the publication as long as Desiree. The two have worked alongside each other way before Security Insider Access, which explains the transcendent partnership; providing excellent content over the years.

While Desiree dictates the look and feel of the publication, Dale is often responsible for fact-checking our writers' works and ensuring that we keep up with current trends in the security industry.

Miriam Mendez
Editorial Submissions Manager

Miriam hands over the topics our writers work on and assures completeness and quality of submissions from Security Insider Access' operations perspective.

Karla Lovins

Karla supervises our pool of tech writers and is responsible for monitoring current tech trends. She also trains our writers to share knowledge of public interest and encourages them to offer opinions to our readers.

Sam Miles

Sam leads our team of advice columnists and is responsible for providing our readers with sound advice on matters concerning security, especially online.


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