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How To Fix ADT Cellular Failure

ADT security systems are home security systems provided by ADT Security Services, a company that has been in business for over 140 years.  ADT security systems are top-of-the-line home security solutions offered by ADT Security Services. 

For over 140 years, this company has been protecting homes and businesses. With ADT, you can feel secure knowing that the most experienced security professionals watch over your home. Their products are reliable, easy to use, and offer 24/7 monitoring. With ADT, you get the peace of mind that your home is always safe and secure.

ADT systems include motion detectors, door and window sensors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and video surveillance. ADT also offers optional services such as home automation, home health monitoring, and energy management.

ADT security systems often rely on cellular communication for sending alarm signals to the monitoring center. However, sometimes your ADT system may experience cellular failure, leading to a loss of communication. If you’re facing this issue, follow these steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

1. Check Your ADT Control Panel

When an ADT system encounters a cellular failure, it typically displays an error message or code on the control panel. Note down any displayed error codes, as they may help you identify the underlying issue and guide you through the troubleshooting process.

2. Confirm Cellular Signal Strength

ADT systems require a stable and strong cellular signal to function correctly. Check your control panel or ADT app to confirm the cellular signal strength. If the signal is weak or intermittent, this may cause cellular failure.

3. Check for Network Outages

Sometimes, cellular failures can result from network outages or maintenance by your cellular service provider. Check for any known outages in your area, and if necessary, contact your provider for further information.

4. Verify System Compatibility

Ensure that your ADT security system is compatible with the cellular network in your area. If your system relies on a 3G network, it may experience issues as carriers phase out older networks in favor of 4G and 5G. You may need to upgrade your system or switch to a different provider to restore cellular communication.

5. Test Your ADT System

Perform a test of your ADT system to verify if the cellular communication is functioning correctly. Refer to your system’s user manual for instructions on how to conduct a system test. Remember that you should inform the ADT monitoring center before performing any tests to avoid false alarms.

6. Relocate Your Cellular Communicator

If your ADT cellular communicator is located in an area with poor signal reception, you may need to relocate it. Move the communicator to a higher location or closer to a window to improve the signal strength.

7. Reset Your ADT System

Power cycling your ADT system may help resolve cellular communication issues. Turn off your system, disconnect the backup battery, and unplug the power supply. Wait 30 seconds, reconnect the battery and power supply, and turn the system back on. Allow the system to reboot and check if the cellular failure is resolved.

8. Contact ADT Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps above and your ADT system is still experiencing cellular failure, it’s time to contact ADT customer support. They can assist further, diagnose any hardware or software issues, and guide you on the next steps, such as a service visit or system upgrade.

Notes On How To Fix ADT Cellular Failure

Fixing ADT cellular failure may involve checking the signal strength, verifying system compatibility, relocating the cellular communicator, or resetting your system. If the issue persists after trying these steps, contact ADT customer support for further assistance to ensure your security system remains functional and reliable.

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