How Can Security Access Doors Guarantee The Vaults’ Protection


Allocating a safe room inside your household or building isn’t just a symbol of wealth status. It serves as an extra layer of protection, especially for your most precious items or personal belongings that are high in value, like gold bars, jewelry, guns, or cash. However, simply placing them in your safe room isn’t enough protection. Putting them inside a vault system would be best to ensure maximum security for your essential items. 

In this blog post, you’ll discover the factors you should consider when purchasing a vault. Moreover, you’ll learn here how partnering it with security access doors further boosts the protective measures that this incredible mechanism provides. 

Five Essential Factors You Should Look For In A Vault Door 

1. Constructed with Thick Steel and a UL-Certified Lock 

Vault doors established with thick steels like 7-gauge steel can stand firm more firmly than gauge steels in higher numbers. Hence, they’re more reliable in safe rooms as they are more challenging to cut through, making the vault system harder to break or pry on. Here is the gauge steel thickness you can encounter in the market: 

  • 7-gauge steel: 3/16″ thick 
  • 8-gauge steel: 11/64″ thick 
  • 9-gauge steel: 5/32″ thick 
  • 10-gauge steel: 9/64″ thick 
  • 12-gauge steel: 7/64″ thick 
  • 14-gauge steel: 5/64″ thick 

The thickness difference is close, but each gauge-steel option serves a different level of security and protection. Remember that the lower the gauge-steel number, the stronger it can safeguard your most treasured belongings against unwarranted access or tampering attempts. Aside from thickness, it would be best to look for a vault door with a UL-certified lock to guarantee a high-security degree. 

2. Built with Fire Seal and Insulation 

For your precious items’ safety and long-term value, mainly when a tragic circumstance arises, like a fire breakout, it’s crucial to choose a fire-resistant vault door. This way, your most valuable things are protected even during tragedy, as thick and UL-listed vault doors can withstand high heat and water pressure from firefighting efforts. 

3. Designed with an Internal Lockout Mechanism 

Thanks to advancing security technology, innovations such as an internal lockout mechanism that enables users to lock the vault door from the inside and deactivate the external unlocking system, disabling intruders from opening your safe room from the outside even when they have access to the combination code. It’s a handy feature for commercial buildings to safeguard their vault money if an armed attack occurs. 

4. Allows Opening From The Inside 

Equipping the vault door with a mechanism to unlock it from the inside gives you an easy solution to find your way out. This function eliminates the need for someone else to come and rescue them or have them wait for hours until help arrives. It’s an ideal vault function, especially for users with a family and little kids. 

5. Pick Inswing or Swing Vault Doors 

Choosing a vault door that employs inswing or both outswing and inswing opening motion empowers users to open the safe room even when someone places a block in front of the door, reducing trapping risks. 

To increase the security level that vault doors can grant, many experts recommend you install Security Access Doors

What are Security Access Doors and Panels? 

A security access panel is another adequate safety and security solution that discourages unauthorized or forced entries, particularly in building or house areas that contain many of your valuable belongings. It often comes with tamper-proof locks and latches, heavy-duty hinges with non-removable barrels, and welded frame construction, efficiently protecting your precious items. There’s a wide range of door options you can freely explore, including: 

  • High-Security: If utmost security is a priority in your area, the high-security access doors are the most fitting for you to purchase, as it’s typically engineered with detention-grade materials to secure the space. 
  • Medium Security: The medium security access consists of door materials with high gauge numbers, such as 12 gauge, symbolizing the average but adequate security level it can provide. 
  • Fire-Rated: The fire-rated security panel type can serve you best if you desire security and fire resistance for an access door. 
  • AL-9500: On the other hand, the AL-9500 or Anti-Ligature Panel is a special access door type ideal for applying in prisons, correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and similar facilities, granting required security functions and necessary safety capabilities and deterring any harm inside the vicinity. 

Vault Doors and Security Panels are Each Other’s Best Friend 

Your most treasured belongings call for maximum security, and vault doors are one decisive way to employ them. Take note of all the critical door factors shared in this article and look for these features to pick the best vault door to purchase. Furthermore, consider installing a security access panel to enjoy a more secure and functional vault system at your home or commercial building. 

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