How To Construct A Secure House

Last year, the building process was started for an estimated 1,413,100 homes. If you’re all set to dive into the exciting world of building your dream abode, we have some important security tips to consider. When constructing your dream home, there’s one crucial aspect that often gets overshadowed: security. The allure of the perfect layout, stylish aesthetics, and cozy vibes can easily steal the spotlight. But security is the backbone that keeps your home truly safe and sound.

We’re here to guide you through the art of crafting a fortress that shelters and safeguards. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, and peace of mind should never be an optional upgrade.

Understanding your entry points 

Turning your home into a security fortress can be done from the blueprint stage. Security isn’t a last-minute addition, so consider how you protect each entry point from the jump. Sure, ground-floor windows and doors are the usual suspects, but don’t be fooled into tunnel vision. Thieves are the MacGyvers of crime; they’ll find a way if there’s one to find. 

Check out those higher points, especially if they’re hanging out above a shed or a flat roof – prime real estate for aspiring burglars with a knack for climbing. Identify, assess, and strategize. Pinpoint every potential weak spot, gauge the risk factor at each one, and brainstorm ways to dial down the risk. Maybe it’s beefing up the locks, installing reinforced windows, or throwing in some high-tech security measures. Whatever it takes, make your home a no-go zone for the unwanted guests. 

Why bother with a garage? 

A closed, secure single or two-car garage isn’t just a cozy cocoon for your car; it’s a shield against the unpredictable whims of weather and added security for your vehicle and possessions.

Leaving your vehicle out in the open is like hanging a “Help Yourself” sign on it. Thieves love an easy target, and a car parked on the street is practically an open invitation. On the flip side, tuck that beauty into a closed garage, and suddenly, you’ve no prying eyes, no opportunistic crooks sizing up your wheels. Your garage becomes a secure vault, keeping your car safe and providing extra secure storage space for the belongings that won’t fit in the main home.

True vigilance with a security camera

Investing in a quality security camera is like having a 24/7 surveillance squad right at your fingertips. Can a lone camera thwart crimes all by itself? No, but security cameras have evolved and are now equipped with features that’ll make your jaw drop.

Forget the grainy, low-budget footage of yesteryear. Today’s smart cameras are the real deal. Person detection that’s sharper than a hawk’s eye, motion-triggered recordings that catch every sneaky move, and seamless integration into your smart home setup are all possible.

When you’ve got eyes on every nook and cranny, you send a crystal-clear message to would-be troublemakers: “Smile, you’re on camera; think twice before stepping into my territory.” Investing in a quality security camera isn’t just about recording events – it’s about deterring them in the first place. 

Shed some light on visibility 

How is your home flaunting itself from the road or the neighborhood block party? The goal is minimizing the shadows to increase security, leaving nowhere for a criminal to hide. Sensor lights are your friend here; they can be installed purely to turn dark corners into well-lit spaces should movement happen near them. They won’t drain your electric bill, especially if you opt for solar-powered versions.

How to stay across home security updates

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