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How To Keep Wasps Away From Security Cameras

Do wasps keep ruining your security footage? Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Most security cameras emit a faint magnetic field. You might not notice the signal, but wasps are highly attracted to these types of magnetic transmissions. Unfortunately, wasps obstruct security cameras and prevent them from recording correctly.


Standard pest control practices prevent wasps from flocking around cameras. Turn off the LED lights, wrap a flea collar around the camera base, spray insect repellent around your establishment, and hang dryer sheets near the camera.


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Quick Ways to Prevent Wasps from Blocking Security Cameras

Before you turn to professional exterminators, we encourage trying DIY methods to drive away pests. Here are some quick, easy tips to control wasp activity.


  • Hang dryer sheets on cameras with a rubber band. These sheets emit a strong odor that wasps cannot stand.
  • Turn off the LED lights. LED lights stimulate insect activity, although wasps are more attracted to magnetic fields.
  • Hang a flea collar on your camera base. Yes, hanging a regular flea collar around your mounted camera will keep wasps away from it.


As a general rule, scan your security cameras for pest activity at least once a week. Dust the cobwebs, wipe the walls clean, sweep the floors, and spray bug-repelling air fresheners around the area. Strive for a clean environment. You’ll be surprised at how effective routine cleaning is in driving away all types of pests.

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