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Last updated: November 1, 2022


Security Forward is an online resource on Security Industry news, opinions, insights, and trends. It aims to disseminate the latest information geared for entrepreneurs, organizations, high net-worth individuals, and chief stakeholders regarding security.

If you’re looking for security services and equipment, you’ve probably stumbled upon thousands of online offers. That’s precisely why we formed the site- since there are only a few trustworthy online platforms that showcase the actual functionalities and advantages of acquiring security gadgets and services.

We have gathered a pool of talented, tech-savvy writers to curate the best content about the vast industry of security. We make sure to test out actual gadgets and services before reviewing them to present a transparent analysis and sound advice.

We provide a collection of security industry news and trends on surveillance, cybersecurity, private security, security guards, risk and access management, catering to more security executives, professionals, and the security industry.


To be one of the most influential platforms in security and offer people from all walks of life the knowledge of safety, whether physical or online.


To be a platform that will serve as access to key resources and provide valuable and unique insights on emerging technologies in the vast industry of security.

Should you have a topic you’d want us to write about, do not hesitate to reach any of our team members via email or fill up our contact form.

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Our team wants to give you the best information possible to help you make the hardest decisions, we look for writers who are willing to get vocal about their thoughts so others know how best to go forward. If writing seems like something right up your alley then come join our team, write for us.

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