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How To Turn Off Door Chime On ADT Alarm System

Whether you are at home or miles away, ADT Alarms provide peace of mind. Whenever a door is opened, The chime feature on an ADT starts creating a sound. This makes sure that if you are at home, you hear a get alarmed whenever someone opens your door. This is how you can be aware of anyone who enters your home. Suppose you don’t want to hear the alarm constantly. Well, it is very easy to turn off the door chime on ADT. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

So in order to turn off the home alarm, open the cover of the ADT alarm keypad simply by flipping it downwards.

Now find the chime button on the right side of the keypad. It is usually the 3rd button from the top.

Now press the chime button and hold it downwards for 2 seconds. If your alarm features a door chime, but the keypad doesn’t have a chime button, then press * then press 4 simultaneously


If you want to turn on the ADT alarm chime again, what you have to do is click on the chime button again for 3 seconds, or press * and 4 simultaneously just like you pressed for turning off the chime.


If you turn off the ADT alarm system chime feature for a certain event, such as a function or party, do not forget to turn it on when the party is over.

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How to turn off the chime on my ADT alarm?

Open the cover of the ADT home alarm and simultaneously press the * and 4 button.

How do I turn on the chime on my ADT alarm?

In order to turn the chime mode on, press * and 4 simultaneously, just like the way you pressed to turn off the chime on ADT Alarm.

How to turn the low battery sound off on the ADT alarm?

You can silence the low battery beep on your ADT alarm by pressing the OFF button and # button simultaneously on your keypad.

What does chime mean on an alarm system?

A chime refers to an audible tone produced by a security panel when certain system zones are activated on an ADT alarm. Learn more about ADT pricing for your home here.

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