Amazon Basics Electronic Safe Review: Secure Or Subpar?

Prioritize your valuables’ security with the Amazon Basics Electronic Safe, perfect for home or office use. This 1.8 cubic foot safe accommodates various items and features a programmable keypad for secure, yet easy access. Its robust steel construction and live-door bolts provide a solid defense against unauthorized access. Its user-friendly design, including an interior shelf and pre-drilled mounting holes, simplifies organization and installation. While not impervious to extreme tampering, it offers sufficient protection for everyday security needs.

This review explores the Amazon Basics Electronic Safe: a blend of robust security and user-friendly features, offering reliable protection for valuables at an affordable price.

Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Electronic Safe: A Comprehensive Overview

The Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Electronic Safe offers a practical balance of security and convenience. With a 1.8 cubic-foot capacity, it’s suitable for storing a variety of items like documents, jewelry, cash, and small devices. The safe’s construction features 8-gauge steel doors and 14-gauge steel bodies for enhanced security. Its electronic keypad, complemented by a backup key, ensures easy yet secure access, even in emergencies or when batteries run low. 

The interior shelf and pre-drilled mounting holes facilitate organization and installation. While some users find the electronic lock setup challenging and the safe not completely impervious to theft, it is praised for its value, being lightweight, easy to mount, and a solid choice for basic home security needs.

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Key Features

When considering the security of personal belongings, the features of a safe can make all the difference. Below are some key features of the Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe to be aware of.

Programmable Electronic Keypad Lock

The electronic keypad is central to the security offered by this safe. The programmable nature means that users can set their own unique code for access. In the event of forgetting the code or battery failure, a backup key is provided, ensuring that one is never locked out of their own safe. This gives a balance between ease of access and security.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Crafted with robustness in mind, the 1.8 cubic-foot model boasts an 8-gauge steel door and a 14-gauge steel body. This construction makes it a formidable opponent against forced entry attempts. The safe includes 2 live-door bolts, alongside pry-resistant concealed hinges, adding layers of security that deter theft.

Interior Organization

Inside the safe, there’s a shelf that enables users to organize their valuables effectively. Whether it’s documents, jewelry or cash, the arrangement can be tailored to users’ needs, making the interior not just a secure, but also a well-organized space. This feature allows for better utilization of the safe’s capacity.

Mounting Flexibility

The safe is designed with pre-drilled mounting holes, complete with the necessary hardware for securing it to a floor or wall. This flexibility is crucial for a user looking to maximize the safe’s security, as a mounted safe is less prone to being removed or stolen.

Security And Accessibility: Pros And Cons


  • User-friendly interface: The electronic keypad facilitates a straightforward and secure way to access belongings, with many customers finding the programming process to be uncomplicated.
  • Reliable construction: Constructed with 8-gauge steel door and 14-gauge steel body, it withstands attempts at unauthorized access and users underline the sturdy build for everyday security.
  • Spacious interior: A 1.8 cubic feet capacity allows for the accommodation of an assortment of valuables, a factor often highlighted in the context of living spaces.
  • Mounting hardware included: The inclusion of pre-drilled holes and hardware is a boon for those seeking to securely attach the safe to their premises, deterring potential theft due to the safe’s portable size.
  • Versatility: The interior shelf is appreciated for its contribution to better organization, allowing users to segregate items within the safe.


  • No built-in alarm: Lacking an alarm system might be a downside for those seeking an added layer of security to alert them of unauthorized attempts to open the safe.
  • Lightweight for some: Although portability can be an advantage, certain users may view the safe’s weight as a potential security risk, making it more susceptible to being carried off by burglars if not bolted down.
  • Complexity for some users: A few users point out difficulties in setting the passcode, as instructions may not be clear to everyone, which could cause initial frustration.
  • Not foolproof: The safe isn’t impervious to dedicated burglary attempts, and as such, might not satisfy those in need of high-level security measures.
  • Relative security: Some reviews imply the safe is more of a lockbox than a safe, suggesting it serves better for deterring casual intrusion rather than a determined attack.

Product Size And Aesthetics

The Amazon Basics Safe’s compact and sleek design makes it an ideal addition to both home and office spaces. Measuring 19.7 inches in height, 13.8 inches in width, and 13 inches in depth, it offers a discreet yet efficient storage solution. Its neutral black color and robust carbon steel construction enhance the aesthetic appeal without being obtrusive. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, its minimalistic look, devoid of unnecessary embellishments, fits seamlessly into various settings, offering a modern touch while emphasizing its security features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we address the most common queries potential buyers may have about the Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe.

How can I replace a lost key for my Amazon Basics home security safe?

If you’ve misplaced the key to your safe, contact Amazon’s customer service for assistance. They typically require proof of purchase and ownership to send a replacement key. To avoid this situation, store the backup key in a secure location separate from the safe.

Is it possible to reset the code on my Amazon Basics Electronic Safe if I forget it?

If the code to the safe is forgotten, you cannot reset it yourself for security reasons. You will need to use the override key provided at the time of purchase. Keep this key in a secure place to ensure access to your safe if the code is forgotten.

Who manufactures the Amazon Basics safes, and are they directly made by Amazon?

Amazon Basics safes are part of Amazon’s own brand of products. They are not manufactured by Amazon but are sourced from third-party manufacturers and sold under the Amazon Basics line.

How do users rate the overall quality and reliability of the Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe?

Users generally rate this safe highly, with a majority expressing satisfaction with its quality and reliability. They find it to be sturdy, easy to set up, and an excellent security solution for the price. However, some note that while it provides basic security, it may not be as impervious to determined theft attempts as higher-end models. The convenience and user-friendly features are consistently praised by customers.
Assessing The Merits Of The Amazon Basics Electronic Safe

The Amazon Basics Electronic Safe strikes a good balance between affordability and functionality. It’s praised for its easy setup, user-friendly keypad, durability, and sufficient interior space. While not a high-end security unit, it effectively protects valuables from basic intrusions. Users appreciate its value for money as a solid entry-level option, though some find the keypad programming challenging and recommend anchoring it due to its lighter weight. Overall, it’s a practical, budget-friendly choice for basic home security needs.

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