The Best Security Camera To Keep Your Premises Safe and Secure

Last updated: October 1, 2023


Innovative security tools have become a submarket of the vast smart home marketplace. As of 2018, about 12 percent of households in all of Canada use smart home security cameras to safeguard their homes. These devices focus on connecting to a wide array of gadgets and appliances to create a convenient network of devices throughout the users’ homes.

Unfortunately, some regions like Atlantic Canada and British Columbia have yet to standardize the usage of intelligent security camera technologies. That has resulted in five and eight percent penetration rates for households in those regions, respectively.

This article aims to explain the benefits of using security cameras as well as the different features to look for when investing in one.

What are the benefits of security cameras?

A home or office security camera system is a significant investment. For many people, especially those who want to keep pace with emerging technologies, it is one of the best investments they will ever make because of the benefits they provide. 

However, some people still view it as unnecessary or may have privacy concerns. Before deciding where you stand in the argument, take a look at these benefits first.

Security Cameras Deter Crime

Security cameras help reduce incidents like burglary and trespassing in peoples’ homes as well as their offices.

This reduction in crimes does not end with home invasions and office break-ins, either. According to a study conducted in Orange County, New Jersey, the installation of cameras around the city resulted in a 50 percent drop in crime rates. 

Additionally, police officers who took part in the study pointed out that access to surveillance recordings made investigating cases easier. As a result, the police found more success in apprehending and prosecuting offenders almost immediately after they had committed a crime.

Security Cameras Help Monitor Activities and Incidents

As a home or business owner, it is unavoidable that you are not always there to keep tabs on either.

Investing in indoor security cameras enables parents to check up on their household and children as regularly as necessary. Indoor security cameras not only catch activities and incidents when away from home but also provide peace of mind.

For business owners, security cameras provide them the means to check up on daily business operations and periodically monitor their employees. It also enables managing parties who are offsite to keep tabs on customer interactions and stock.

Security Cameras Assist in Settling Disputes

Security cameras provide a clearer picture that helps arrive at fair decisions for settling both professional and domestic disputes. People tend to fabricate their stories to further their own points or agenda. 

However, footage from security cameras tells an unbiased story that clarifies situations. Whether it is about settling disagreements among your staff, between your customers and staff members, or within your family, cameras provide the unadulterated truth. 

Additionally, security cameras can help protect you from false allegations and legal ramifications from fraudulent acts committed by dishonest employees. Say, for example, one of your staff threatens to falsely file assault charges against you in an attempt to extort money from you. Security cameras can help establish your alibi should those threats turn into a case. 

They can also help you spot employees who are engaging in illegal activities or violating company policies within the workplace. These can range from the theft of sensitive information to inappropriate behavior or treatment of customers. 

Security cameras do not only provide you with unbiased footage to make intelligent decisions, but they also serve as valuable evidence in cases of legal action. Whether it is for protection against abusive customers or dishonest employees, security cameras are indispensable assets.

What features to look for when investing in a good security camera?

If you are determined to bolster your security system with quality security cameras, here are the key features you want to prioritize when shopping.

Stellar Camera Video Quality

The primary purpose of having security cameras is to capture video recordings of any criminal activities or incidents inside and outside the home or workplace.

Video resolution quality plays a large role in distinguishing one person from another to avoid mistakes during investigations. The standard features you need to look for in terms of video quality include the following:

  • 1080 to 2k pixel resolution
  • 130 to 160 degrees field of view
  • 15 to 24 frames per second or fps frame rate
  • 30 feet or more night vision range or cameras that use infrared LEDs

Extensive Camera Video Storage

While the video quality is the most crucial factor when investing in a security camera, it means nothing if your system lacks storage for that footage. On average days that go without incident, all of the footage of that day is mundane.

However, when incidents occur, you want to ensure your cameras cover everything. Unless it is something severe like a burglar or trespasser, you may not even see these incidents as they happen until you check your recordings.  

Here are the types of storage you should look for in a security camera system. The one you decide to go with depends on your preference and budget.

  • Local storage – You will have a drive to save your recording data. The standard storage capacity recommended is at least 32 GB, giving you enough space to record weeks’ worth of footage. However, you may want to double the capacity to 64 GB or even 128 GB. Although this depends on the video resolution of your cameras.
  • Cloud storage – This refers to all footage uploaded into an online storage platform. It is easily more efficient than local because of the minimal need for external or internal drives. However, it may also be more expensive in the long run due to subscription fees.

Additional Critical Features

While the first two key features are arguably the most important to look for in security cameras, there are other features to consider. These additional features ultimately depend on where you intend to place these security cameras.

These additional essential features include:

  • A dedicated mobile app to make regular checks while on the go
  • Motion detectors to help you or your security team detect suspicious activity from a number of camera screens immediately
  • Waterproofing and impact resistance for outdoor cameras

Protect Your Premises With Watchful Eyes

While many argue that security cameras could pose potential privacy issues and expense risks, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. As mentioned, security cameras aid individuals in deterring criminal activities and provide evidence for investigations.

By following the steps above, you are sure to find the best security camera to protect and secure your home or office.

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