REOLINK 5MP Security System Review: Worth Your Money?


In today’s world, home security is paramount. The REOLINK Smart 5MP 8CH Home Security Camera System stands out with its high-resolution, 100-foot night vision, and intelligent detection of human and vehicle movement to minimize false alarms. Its plug-and-play setup and built-in microphone for capturing sounds make it a user-friendly choice for comprehensive surveillance. Additionally, REOLINK’s commitment to customer support, including a warranty and 24/7 tech assistance, aligns with the importance of reliable home security solutions.

This comprehensive review explores the REOLINK 5MP Security System: an ideal balance of high-definition surveillance, smart detection, and easy installation for home security.

Overview Of The REOLINK Smart 5MP 8CH Home Security Camera System

This system offers advanced night vision with IR lights for visibility up to 100 feet, complemented by smart detection of people and vehicles to reduce false alarms. It features easy plug-and-play installation and includes one-way audio recording for added security. Some users report compatibility issues with third-party hardware, but REOLINK’s 2-year warranty and lifetime support provide reassurance. Overall, the system delivers reliable surveillance with user-friendly features, making it a valuable choice for home security.

Consider giving REOLINK Smart Security Camera System a look if enhancing home or business security is your goal. 

Key Features

The REOLINK Smart 5MP camera system brings a suite of functionalities that cater to the needs of homeowners seeking a reliable security solution

5MP HD And Night Vision

The camera system excels with its 5MP HD video quality, producing clear images that are crucial for identifying details during security events. The enhanced resolution offers a noticeable improvement over standard security systems. When it comes to night vision, the cameras are equipped with advanced IR lights, allowing for visibility of up to 100 feet in darkness. This feature ensures that the coverage is uncompromised, even in zero-light conditions.

Smart Person/Vehicle Detection

Efficiency in monitoring and alerts is elevated thanks to the system’s smart person and vehicle detection. This differentiation capability minimizes false positives caused by insignificant movements, like those of small animals or foliage. Users benefit from more relevant notifications and can quickly discern important occurrences, simplifying the monitoring process.

Easy Installation With Plug & Play

The plug-and-play feature streamlines the installation process, eliminating the need for professional help. The components in the system are designed to connect seamlessly with the network video recorder (NVR), thus offering a smooth setup experience. This ease of assembly is beneficial for those who prefer a do-it-yourself approach to home security.

Audio Recording Capabilities

The inclusion of audio recording adds an extra layer of security. With a built-in microphone on each camera, users can capture sound in the monitored environment, providing additional context to visual footage. This can be crucial when assessing security events, as audible clues often offer valuable insights that video alone might miss.

Pros And Cons

When assessing the REOLINK Smart 5MP 8CH Home Security Camera System, potential buyers find value in weighing the upsides and downsides.


  • High-Definition Clarity: Users appreciate the 5MP HD resolution which provides crystal-clear imagery, catching fine details that are crucial in security surveillance.
  • Advanced Night Vision: The system’s IR lights allow visibility up to 100 feet in darkness, ensuring round-the-clock security is maintained.
  • Smart Detection: With intelligent person/vehicle recognition, the system filters out false alarms, focusing on genuine threats which enhances the efficiency of the security alerts.
  • User-Friendly Installation: The plug-and-play design is praised for its simplicity, making setup feasible without professional assistance.
  • Audio Recording Capability: The inclusion of a built-in microphone for audio recording adds another layer of security, capturing sounds that might indicate suspicious activity.


  • Compatibility Issues: Some users find that the REOLINK NVR and related apps may have compatibility issues with third-party cameras, limiting the flexibility in expanding the system with different brands.
  • Limited Warranty: While the product comes with a 2-year limited warranty, consumers accustomed to longer or more comprehensive coverage might find this period somewhat lacking.

Setting Up

Navigating the setup of security systems can be daunting, but the REOLINK Smart Home Security Camera System simplifies the process. Installation is straightforward with its plug and play design, allowing for most users to get their system up and running without professional assistance. The provided 4K 8CH NVR comes with a preinstalled 2TB HDD, which means there’s ample storage available for 24-7 recording right out of the box.

Warranty And Support

The REOLINK 8CH Home Security Camera System comes with a 2-year limited warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship, assuring reliability. Additionally, REOLINK offers lifetime technical support, providing extensive assistance through various channels like email and Amazon messages. This customer-focused approach ensures long-term support, extending beyond the warranty period and highlighting the company’s commitment to their product’s performance and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a security system like the one from REOLINK, potential buyers often have questions about how it can fit into and enhance their daily lives. Here, we address some of these concerns and queries:

What steps can I take to improve my general well-being?

Improving well-being is often about small, consistent lifestyle changes. Adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and mindfulness practices such as meditation are key components. Deploying a security system can add to one’s peace of mind, knowing that home safety is managed efficiently.

How can I effectively manage my time with a busy schedule?

Effective time management is crucial for a busy individual. Techniques such as prioritizing tasks, using a digital calendar to track appointments and deadlines, and setting aside specific times for breaks can help. With the REOLINK system’s smart detection features, users spend less time monitoring security footage and more on other important tasks.

What are the best strategies for stress relief?

Strategies for stress relief vary from person to person, but common methods include engaging in physical activities, pursuing hobbies, connecting with friends and family, and practicing relaxation techniques. Knowing that your property is being watched over by a reliable REOLINK security system can also alleviate concerns about home safety.

Can you suggest ways to balance work and personal life?

Balancing work and personal life can be a challenge. Strategies include setting firm boundaries for work hours, ensuring quality family time is non-negotiable, and making time for self-care. Tools that streamline home management, such as a dependable REOLINK security system, can free up personal time by reducing the effort needed in home surveillance.

What methods are recommended for goal setting and achieving them?

For setting goals, the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) is a recommended method. Writing down goals, breaking them into actionable steps, and reviewing progress regularly can enhance the chance of success. A sense of security achieved by using a REOLINK system may contribute to a focused environment for goal attainment.

How can I develop a habit of continuous learning and self-improvement?

Continuous learning can be fostered by setting aside time for education, subscribing to industry blogs, getting into the habit of reading, and embracing new technologies or tools, such as the REOLINK security system, to stay ahead in personal security and home automation. Always be curious and open to new information and experiences.

Assessing The REOLINK Security Camera System 

The REOLINK security camera system stands out in its category, earning a 4.5-star rating from over 2000 users, indicative of its high-quality and user-friendly features. It offers dependable 24/7 recording with a 2TB HDD and 5MP PoE cameras for clear visual coverage. While integration with third-party apps may require patience, the positive feedback on setup and operation reflects the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction. This blend of performance and convenience positions it as a compelling choice in home surveillance solutions.

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