Best Hidden Home Security Cameras with Night Vision

Last updated: January 21, 2022


Best for Outdoors: KAMTRON Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

The Kamtron Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is a discreet and easy to install camera that can be installed outside your home. It does not require any wiring, which makes it very convenient for those who do not want their house to have wires hanging from the exterior of their homes! The battery-powered waterproof camera captures video in 1080p HD; moreover, you are able to get footage stored on either cloud storage services or with a 128GB micro SD card (both included).

This camera comes with many features that will help you monitor your yard. It has built-in motion-sensing abilities which can sense heat and reduce the number of false alarms, as well as night vision so it’s perfect for seeing things in low light at a distance up to 32 feet away from where you are standing.

Best for Office: DivineEagle Spy Camera and USB Charger

The DivineEagle Spy Camera is a perfect way to capture anyone without them knowing. This spy camera records at 1080p high-definition quality and can be powered by an electric plug or even of a USB charger port, making it easy to get hidden footage from anywhere.

The DivineEagle Camera is the perfect camera for those who need a fully functioning charging block. This product can hold up to 256 GB of memory, giving you hours upon hours worth of video footage before starting over with old files and capturing wide-angle views when it detects movement! Moreover, this camera can record clear night footage.

Best Wireless: SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

You may not want to have a security camera in your home and be worried about someone finding it. However, the Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera is an easy way for you to install one anywhere without worrying because of its small size that can easily go unnoticed by intruders. The best part? This small camera features high-definition footage with 60 minutes per charge!

With Sirgawain, be the one to capture those moments that happen when it’s too dark for anybody else. See up to 16 feet in complete darkness with built-in infrared lights and never miss a moment again! The footage is recorded on an included memory card but you’ll need something bigger if want more than 32 GB of space because this camera only supports cards up to 32 gigabytes.


How do you hide a camera in plain sight?

Camouflage skins are an easy way to hide your security cameras. You can dress them up with a skin that blends in, or change the color of the camera lens so it matches its surroundings as well.

How can you tell if there is a camera in your room?

You can’t always see or hear a camera, but everyone has a lens that reflects light. To find them, use the flashlight on your phone to do an inspection of all corners and nooks with eyes peeled for any glinting lenses. 

Can I use a spy camera without WIFI?

Imagine a world where you can travel to any country and still see your house on the web. Say goodbye to pesky Wi-Fi, say hello to security cameras without WiFi!

How can I spy on someone’s car?

If you want to know what your partner is up to, attach a powerful magnet below their car and use the voice recorder. Make sure that it can pick up sound quality loudly enough for playback purposes so as not miss out on anything important like locations or conversations.

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