5 Important and Inexpensive Security Enhancements to Do at Home

Last updated: November 4, 2022


Setting up security measures around the home does more than just protect your property; it offers peace of mind which helps improve the way in which you relax and enjoy your house. It’s also not that hard to set-up some effective home security! 

Being aware of burglars and deterring them from targeting your home with reinforced security should be a top priority. So, to help, here are five simple tips to consider to better secure your home.

Tip #1: A basic security system

Some form of security system is a must for your home. From a basic DIY alarm system or a professionally monitored option, your budget will determine where on the security scale you sit. Start by evaluating the safety level and needs of your neighborhood and home to identify the likely risks. Once you understand this, you can consider what is needed to protect your home.​

Tip #2: Secure the windows and doors

All exterior doors and windows should be strong and secured by their weak spots. This can mean hinges, locks, mail slots, or any other possibly vulnerable section that can be reinforced.

If you are finished with the movers and are now settling into a new home that is not actually “new,” change the locks to ensure there is no possibility of someone else having a key to your house. You can secure sliding doors with a window bar or a piece of dowel placed in the track so the door cannot be forced open. A door or glass break sensor can also be used to alert you if anything has been tampered with.

Windows are a common entry point, especially if the manufacturer latches are of low quality. Aftermarket window locks or key-operated options help beef up security, and you can also reinforce the glass with window security film or add window bars. Adding prickly bushes under the windows can also be a cheap deterrent!

Tip #3: Keeping the garden well-lit

When there is a lot of light at night around the landscape of your home, burglars will be kept at bay. Ensure ample outdoor lighting with solar sensor lights around your front and back yard.

Motion-activated solar-powered lights are the perfect solution as they do not require expensive wiring to be installed and will only turn on when needed. Position them around your home in such a way that they eliminate hiding places around trees and shrubs.

Tip #4: Add security cameras

Security cameras are not only great deterrents, but their footage can be useful in the unfortunate event of a robbery. Your security camera options can be part of a complete home security system or individual units that protect vulnerable places like front and back doors.

We recommend choosing a security camera option that comes with a mobile app for real-time footage or motion alerts when you are away from the home. 

Tip #5: Think about some home automation

While it can be somewhat of an expensive option, it’s becoming much more affordable to convert your house into a smart home. Smart security via home automation allows for remote or scheduled lights, door locks, cameras, alarms, and much more. From real-time alerts about suspicious activity to scheduling lights to turn on when you are away on vacation, smart homes can help make your property much more secure.

When creating a system like this, it is important to also consider your digital security by being aware of possible vulnerabilities in your online infrastructure as well.

Small changes in home security can have large effects

These tips are great starting places for those looking to enhance their security on a budget. As always, you can find the best home security devices and tips on Security Forward. From cameras to doorbells, check in with us regularly to see the latest innovations and products that will help keep your home safe.

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