3 Best Wireless Motion Sensors Alarms For Your Home

Last updated: December 4, 2022


The days of hardwiring a security alarm to an external security alarm system in your basement are long gone. Almost every security camera nowadays is wireless, which means they have motion sensors that wirelessly connect to a hub or control panel, and they use Wi-Fi, cellular chips, Bluetooth, and other wireless means to generate alerts.

Wireless motion sensors alarms offer quicker installation, faster response (cellular signals), and more dependable security. Of course, while we believe wireless motion sensor alarms are superior to cabled ones, they are not flawless. Consider the costs of the equipment, the possibility of signal interference, and slightly increased installation and maintenance costs. 

However, the advantages of having these devices far outweigh their disadvantages. Let us review the best wireless motion sensor alarms suitable for your needs. 

Best Practices For Mounting Wireless Motion Sensors Alarms

Wireless motion sensor alarms are simple to install. They do not require drilling and can interact seamlessly with the other smart home security components.

With wireless motion sensors becoming more common, DIYers can install them easier. You can set up a wireless motion sensor alarm if you know how to use a screwdriver. The correct installation provides optimal coverage for wireless motion detection while reducing false alarms.

Before installing your wireless motion sensors alarm, we recommend reading the installation instructions first since they might include placement recommendations for the unit you purchased. However, here are some general placement tips to increase the effectiveness of your sensors and prevent false alarms. 

  1. Maintain a distance of 10 to 15 feet between the sensors and heat sources like radiators, heating vents, and sunny windows.
  2. Install motion sensors at “choke-points” — where people must walk through, such as the stairs or the front door.
  3. Install the motion sensor alarms close to the areas where trespassers or burglars are most likely to break in. 
  4. Look for walls an intruder would cross, such as the corridor or the constrained hallway leading to a room. When a burglar approaches the sensor from the side rather than the front, motion sensors perform best.

Top 3 Picks For Best Wireless Motion Sensors Alarms 

Whether you have a long driveway or a small front yard, wireless motion sensors are a smart way to secure the surroundings of your property. Take a look at our best finds below:

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm
  • Wireless Range: Between 13 to 40 feet
  • Capacity: Can connect a maximum of 16 sensors
  • Installation: Plug & Play, screws needed
  • Additional Features:  Customizable sensors

The Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm is one of the most advanced wireless motion sensors you can buy. You can adjust practically every feature on this sensor and receiver to suit your needs or improve performance. Aside from being easy to install, this device is also made of top-grade materials making it durable and weatherproof. It also includes one passive infrared motion sensor and one receiver with a wireless range of up to 40 feet.

Flexible settings for most featuresRelatively limited range (40 feet max)
Adjustable alert tones of up to 32 soundsExpensive
WeatherproofCostly add-on sensors

YoLink SpeakerHub & Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Kit

YoLink SpeakerHub & Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Kit
  • Wireless Range: Up to 40 feet
  • Capacity: Can connect a maximum of 200 sensors
  • Installation: Pair with phone and link with SpeakerHub
  • Additional Features: Comes with a mobile app

This device is the only wireless motion sensor alarm with a mobile app that we highly recommend. The kit takes your home security to a whole new level with its numerous innovative features. 

Enjoy text-to-speech notifications or personalized alarm sounds with the YoLink SpeakerHub receiver. It also works well with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, allowing you to check sensor status with a voice command or trigger a security alarm when your sensor detects movement.

The YoLink has a basic effective range of 40 feet away and can connect up to 200 sensors of any kind, including leak detectors, touch sensors, and motion sensors.

Can connect to a mobile appNo backup battery in hub
Customizable alarm tonesLow range
Can integrate a maximum of 200 sensorsProne to signal interference

Dakota Alert

  • Wireless Range: Between 1,320 to 2,640 feet
  • Capacity: Can connect a maximum of 16 sensors
  • Installation: Plug & Play, requires batteries
  • Additional Features: Compatible with 4 different types of sensors

Dakota Alert is a technical powerhouse when it comes to alarms. It boasts the longest wireless range on our list and is the only major brand we found that offers four types of sensors and can connect up to 16 sensors per receiver. In addition to PIR motion detection, this device is also compatible with three other types of sensors: magnetic probe, rubber hose, and photoelectric beam.

However, the Dakota Alert’s greatest strength is its impressive sensor sensitivity. Once this device detects movement from up to 100 feet, it can sound out 12 alarm tones to alert you. 

1-mile wireless rangeExtremely costly
100 feet effective rangeShort battery lifespan
Compatible with 4 types of sensorsNot weatherproof

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