Self-Installed Wireless Home Security Systems for Busybodies

Last updated: November 26, 2023


Self-Installed Wireless Home Security Systems are a great solution. These systems come with everything you need and can be installed in less than an hour. You’ll get all the features of professionally installed systems without any of the hassles! Let’s take a look at self-installed wireless home security systems.

SimpliSafe: Best overall

SimpliSafe is the best system if you are curious about new systems but don’t want to commit right out of the gate. SimpliSafe offers low monitoring prices for every month, and both plans include nice and professional security measures for environmental threats like gas leaks and fires but only one plan tackles invasion as well.

SimpliSafe has some equipment policies that we love. We like how it includes a 3-year warranty on its equipment rather than just one-year coverage from brands such as Abode and Blue by ADT, which is something to be mindful of when selecting your security system provider. SimpliSafe also offers an excellent 60-day return policy for those who want their money back if they are not satisfied with the product – twice as long as other household name providers on our list!

Frontpoint: Best whole-property security

The Frontpoint DIY security system provides an upgraded experience compared to other systems offering professional monitoring. We have seen customer reviews praising the easy setup, effective equipment, and helpful customer support. Features like all day and night monitoring,  indoor and outdoor security cameras, automated system checks, and unique user codes come standard for every equipment plan. 

For about $10 a month with consumer financing and also a short payment plan, you can own your alarm system. You will have the option to purchase an optional starter kit that includes a keypad, and smart hub, two-door sensors, one motion sensor yard sign for exterior warning purposes as well as window decals inside of the home so burglars know they are being monitored.

Blue by ADT: Best no-contract system

ADT Blue is the security system for those who want to keep their budget in check and not have a three-year contract. Its starter kits are very affordable, cheaper than other offerings from Front point and SimpliSafe, but you don’t need one because there’s no contract!

The security cameras with this system are top-notch, but the price is steep. With three different types of camera available—all costing around $200 each and a small cloud video storage space for your recording plan that you will need to pay an additional fee for if you want more than what comes standard (think Ring’s optional home kit)—the cost can really add up fast in comparison to other systems like Ring which offers many features as part of their basic package.

Blue by ADT is new to the market, so sometimes it sometimes feels a little incomplete. The mobile app can be somehow glitchy at times but we expect it to get improved with software updates; unfortunately, they lack live chat support which could provide assistance much faster than phone and email options – if you’re looking for fast answers!


Can I install my own home security system?

The do-it-yourself home security market has exploded over the past couple of years and for good reason. It’s now possible to install a fully monitored system in your home with 15 minutes or less, at hundreds of dollars cheaper than it would cost for traditional security systems.

What is the best DIY security system?

Best DIY home security system overall

SimpliSafe was one of the first DIY options of home security systems to hit stores and is a smart and affordable alternative to other professional alarm companies. That is due in big part to this wide variety of accessories of home security systems like water sensors that detect floods or motion detectors for your garage door!

Can I monitor my own alarm system?

You can take control of your home security system by self-monitoring it. This is where a homeowner sets up their smartphone to notify them when any areas in the house are triggered, such as motion detectors or door sensors being opened and closed.

Can you monitor SimpliSafe yourself?

SimpliSafe has a third option that lets you self-monitor via smartphone app and get thirty days of cloud video storage for just $10 a month.

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