10 Debunked Home Security Myths

Last updated: March 6, 2023


In this article, we’ll discuss 15 common home security myths as we reveal the truth behind them. We hope that by clarifying the facts of what it takes for an effective system in your area you can take steps towards protection from criminals who target neighborhoods with minimal defenses such as video surveillance cameras, security screens, or alarms

The reality is much different than many myths! 

  • Home Security is too Expensive

The thought of installing a security system is daunting to many people because it can be expensive. A Safety.com survey explored what kept those homeowners from purchasing home burglar alarms and found 33% cited an inability or lack of money as their main barrier for owning such systems in their homes.

The reality is there are multiple levels of home security to choose from. From simple to premium, there are many options to choose from that can keep you on budget.

On the affordable end, there are surveillance cameras like the Ring Doorbell. They are simple to install, have an online community you can access via the app and there are no monthly reoccurring charges. The next step up would be monitored security systems from companies like ADT. With monitored protection, there is an installation and month reoccurring fee, but you get the benefits of the simple camera plus, motion, and carbon monoxide sensors, all monitored 24/7.

The premium protection is something I like to consider an investment in your family and home’s safety, as well as security. Premium Security screen windows and doors may have a hefty price tag on them but they offer many benefits. For starters, there is no reoccurring fee attached to them and they have a lifetime warranty. Secondly, these are the only products on the market that will prevent a break-in. The technology on these steel mesh screens STOP intruders at the point of entry, whereas cameras only record your home being broken into. Companies like Security Plus custom build every screen to order so they can fit any size opening and match any style of home or business.

  • Home Security is Hard to Use

When you think about home security systems, do old wiring and cut-open walls come to mind? Today’s wireless technologies have made it easy for homeowners of all ages. All in one device can be installed by a single professional on-site the same day that they are ordered! The only thing leftover from this installation process is an Ethernet cable that will connect directly to your router or modem at home, so everything works seamlessly without any extra work needed on behalf of our clients’ needs.

The world has never been so connected, and that’s why many systems come with phone apps. The app allows you to arm or disarms your home security system from anywhere in the palm of your hand! You can also monitor things like motion sensor lights and thermostat remotely too – all while staying safe at night yourself.

  • Rural Neighborhoods are Safer

The common perception that has been going around for years, according to a 2013 study in contrast with what we know today. It is now known Crime rates are 20% higher than those found in larger cities. Rural neighborhoods with nice big homes are larger targets than run-down urban neighborhoods.

  • Home Alarm System Signs Don’t Deter Crime

Modern criminals are not stupid. They know that the security system sign means there’s a higher chance of them getting caught. In general, burglars are looking for an easy target – homes and businesses that do not have security systems or security screens installed. Their goal is to get in and out of a home as fast and as quietly as possible. If they conclude it will take longer than 60 seconds, they will move on to scoping a different target.

  • All Security Methods Require Long-Term Contracts

Yes, there are many companies out there that require long-term contracts, however, there are just as many that offer month-to-month. With no contract, you can cancel at any time and take the system with you when moving. This plan is perfect for renters.

Another option that was mentioned previously is installing security screens on your points of entry. No contract is required for these. You simply have them installed and enjoy a lifetime of guaranteed security.

10 Debunked Home Security Myths

  • Criminals use High-tech Burglary Gadgets

It’s only natural – we all know what happens in the movies. Burglars use different high-tech gadgets, and they usually have a blueprint, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that most burglars are impulsive people with little experience who just go for it without thinking about how dangerous their actions might be! This makes them even scarier because there isn’t much motivation behind what they do; these delinquents could make up anything at any moment which means simple security systems aren’t enough anymore when faced with such an unpredictable threat.

  • Home Security is Not an Option for Renters

As we mentioned above, there are multiple systems on the market that are perfect for renters. The equipment is easy to install and can be transferred from one home to the next with no obligation to a long-term contract. Providers like the Ring security system even offer monitoring plans for as low as $10 a month. With so many options and most being wireless, installing or removing the headphones is a snap.

  • Burglars Will is not Hit Your House More Than Once

Burglars will continue their burglaries if they are successful. They know that the next time around it won’t be as difficult and can get more valuable items than what was taken on this one occasion because there is nothing stopping them from coming back again in future attempts

  • Break-Ins Only Happen at Night

When you think of a burglar, do the words stealth and quiet come to mind? Well, it turns out they’re not just out at night. The vast majority (over three-quarters) of burglaries happen during daylight hours on weekdays! Primarily because many people are at work or school during these times – which means that their homes are most likely unattended and easy targets!

  • Burglars are Complete Strangers

When you think of someone breaking into your home does the thought “stranger danger” come to mind? For most of us, it does, however, statistics show us that burglaries are most often committed by someone we know. Whether that be a friend, family member, neighbor, or even a worker such as a gardener or construction worker doing a job in the area. Generally, these people can monitor you and figure out your schedule so they know not only the best time to strike but also what kind of goods they can expect to steal.

What Can We Take Away from This?

By now, you have an idea of what these common myths are about home security. The ultimate level of home security is understanding that there are many myths about home invasions, but the best protection is prevention. A combination of both premier security screens and a security system of your choice will turn your home or business into a fortress and deter any would-be criminal. We hope this will help guide your decision to protect yourself and those who live with or near you in the house (including pets!).

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