Best Wireless Home Security Systems Do-It-Yourself

Last updated: November 26, 2023


Are you looking for the best home security system? Well, you are at the right place. Today we are going to name the top 3 wireless home security systems to do it yourself (DIY).

Ooma Smart Security Starter Pack

The Ooma Smart Security Starter Pack is an affordable and bare-bones package that includes three sensors, a hub, the company’s VoIP service with low monthly fees. Its integration with Alexa or Google Assistant also gives you control from your smart speaker to arm and disarm their system so not only can it monitor but help you be safe in other ways too!

Ooma’s free tier includes unlimited sensors, push notifications, and a remote siren. For just $5.99 per month, you get e911 notification via text message or email with automatic arm/disarm features as well as professional monitoring (for an extra $14.99). Ooma has also added battery backup ($34.99) and cellular backup so your system will continue to function if the power goes out for extended periods of time- this is available in their 4G Telo model which costs 129 dollars plus monthly fees starting at 11 bucks!

Ring Alarm

Ring’s Alarm system is affordable, straightforward to set up, has a loud alarm that can be heard from the other side of your house and cellular backup so you won’t lose an alert if there’s no battery. Plus, Ring works with Alexa for voice control or arming and disarming remotely on iOS devices like Apple Watch. And it also comes with compatible add-ons, including video doorbells, security cameras, intelligent plugs, etc., all at prices everyone can afford!

Sensors are a vital part of security systems, and Ring has done a great job at creating sensors that detect intruders and call authorities for help. The new base station is capable of linking up with all your existing sensors, so you don’t have to worry about adding more than what’s necessary or wasting money on an alarm kit.  

Abode iota

Abode’s iota is a unique security system with an integrated 1080p camera and a 93-dB alarm. All of the door and motion sensors are connected to it, so if someone tries to break in, you’ll know about it! And best yet: this system can connect via Apple HomeKit. this means that your home will completely be protected when you’re at work or out for errands on weekends but also while watching TV from bed after dark!

You might be thinking how much does a home security system cost? Let me tell you that Abode provides 3 tiers of service: Free, Standard ($6/month or $60/year), and Pro ($20/month or $200/year). The free plan does not allow recording video from cameras, but you can view the live feed. You also have the option to use smart home integrations such as Amazon Alexa to control your Abode security system with voice commands.

The Standard Plan gets you seven days of rolling cloud storage for video and a timeline of events, for instance when doors are opened. The Pro plan gets you 30 days’ worth of cloud storage, 24/7 professional monitoring with cellular backup – all included in the price!


Can you make your own home security system?

Home security systems can be a daunting task to tackle for many of us. With DIY home monitoring, you are in control and have the option of installing your own system or signing up with one that doesn’t require a contract (usually just a monthly fee).

Is SimpliSafe easily hacked?

SimpliSafe, the leader of home security for the U.S., is susceptible to attacks from hackers because its easy to access point can be exploited and tampered with an alarm system in one fell swoop a worryingly common trend among many significant companies these days. 

Is Ring better than ADT?

The ring is a more hands-on, DIY option, and it’s perfect for renters who may move around frequently. It also has state-of-the-art technology that homeowners can monitor. The downside? You’ll need to install Ring yourself, while ADT requires professional installation with contracts.

Can Ring cameras be hacked?

Ring offers house owner installation and monitoring, but it does not require a contract. ADT is designed for renters who may move more frequently than homeowners.

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