Pros and Cons of Installing Window Grilles

Last updated: January 21, 2022


These days many houses are opting for window grilles. So, should you be installing them too? If you are on the fence about that, let’s check out some knowledgeable opinions to help you decide.

Provides Security, but can be an obstruction to emergency access: “Security-wise, installing window grilles can be an effective thief deterrent. It’s a reliable extra layer of protection, that is, you install grilles that won’t snap off with either brute force or using power tools. Since a majority of window grilles are drilled into the window frame, many homeowners’ (including myself) are worried about obstructing emergency access. If that’s also a concern for you, sliding or retractable window grilles are a more suitable option. For residential use, they are installed inside the home. However, they do command a higher price tag and will require professional installation as well.”

Hannah Gregorio, Eco Peanut

Let’s look at some more advantages and disadvantages of window grilles to help you decide what’s best for you.

Advantages: “The first advantage of window grilles is that they bar unauthorized access to the building. Your windows are arguably one of the most vulnerable openings of your house in terms of safety.; intruders can easily sneak into your house through them. Installing grilles is an excellent deterrent to such. But, it’s not only about thieves and potential burglars. You can use grilles to protect adventurous children who may climb on the window. The grilles allow you to enjoy ventilation without any worries. You keep your windows open for fresh air with the guilt that you might be exposing too much of the interior. When appropriately designed, window grilles will enhance your property’s exterior. As a result, they make a perfect aesthetic addition to a property and raise the resale values.
Disadvantages: On the flip side, window grills require regular cleaning and routine maintenance practices. This may be a challenge, especially the sides facing the glass surfaces. You may end up with untidy windows due to accumulating specks of dust and debris. Window grilles mare also offers a lot of obstruction and prevents you from enjoying the beautiful scenery from inside your house. They also depend on your window size, meaning that you may not reuse them if you move houses.”

Caroline Lee, Co-Founder CocoSign

According to Eden Cheng, the advantages of installing window grilles include:
1. Safeguarding glass panels: It is necessary to install a protective shield over the windows. Therefore, such window grilles safeguard the fragile glass panels from destruction by attempting break-ins. Hence, it must be designed specifically to raise off the window surface, and it must not be reached from the outside.
2. Ornamental value: Such window grille designs must have been uplifted to works of art. Various styles start from the more conventional design patterns to the ornamental designs of wrought iron. Therefore, the window grilles possess a distinct design variety than security bars.
3. Safety from falling risks: Homeowners often install grilles to protect their children by safeguarding their accidental falls. You can open the window without any worry of falling risks.”

Cheng further goes on to explain some issues with window grilles:
1. Size-dependent: If you are one of those people, who keep translocating their homes, you are not able to re-utilize those window grilles as every window is of different sizes. In that case, you have to purchase new grilles to protect your new residence.
2. View restrictions: Apart from the availability of exquisite designs, most people worry about how to install such window grilles. This is because the grilles can appear as a significant obstruction to view nature.”

Eden Cheng is the Founder of WeInvoice

“Window grilles are often used in traditional-looking households, using window grilles in such households can boost the overall appearance of the household. However, if you have a modern-looking home, it would make more sense to choose windows without grilles. Here are some of the pros and cons of installing window grilles.
Cheap: Window grilles are very cheap and affordable, costing around $15 per kit and you will only need a couple of tools like measuring tape and scissors for its installation.
Beautifies house appearance: Window grilles are an easy way to improve the appearance of a house and offer a nice decorative touch to the windows, especially if it’s a traditional-looking house.
Easy to install: Window grilles are very easy to install and can be installed on almost any window. However, there are also some disadvantages to installing window grilles.
Difficult to clean: Window grilles can make cleaning the windows a much more difficult task.
Can lead to accidents: If the window grilles installed happen to be invisible ones, then this can lead to accidents and injuries. Playing children may try to look through the window and see a clear way, where they may try to glance through at a high speed. These grilles are very strong and hard which may cause injuries.
Block emergency access: Window grilles can block emergency access to the house, this means that in case of an emergency, the residents would not be able to enter or leave the house through the windows. For example, if a fire breaks out, grilles can make it difficult for firefighters and other rescue workers to evacuate residents to safety.”

Alina Clark, Co-Founder & Marketing Director CocoDoc


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