How Much Do Home Security Systems Cost

Last updated: January 21, 2022


A home security system can be a bit difficult and confusing to price. Even when the prices are displayed on a provider’s website, it’s hard not to question how much do home security systems cost. Not all people are known for honesty in this industry. The advertised deals may look big and shiny but knowing which costs you need to account for can go a long way in bypassing all of that smoke and mirrors since those flashy. The average upfront cost of a home security system ranges between $250 and $1,500+. These costs include equipment, installation fees, activation fee are one-time charges. But how do those advertised deals work? Let’s break it down!

There is no way for you to know what your monthly bill will be until after the initial upfront charge has been applied. For example: if we have an ad with two different systems on offer—one at 500$ + 200$, another at 700$. Which would you pick? If they both had a 100$ yearly service contract (or 50% annual savings) every month respectively, then which deal offers more value in the long run. Well, that depends entirely on where these companies get. Before buying a home security system, we suggest you to look for who has the best home security system.

Start protecting your home with a security system for $250-$1,500.
Opinion: I would also recommend getting an alarm system! 

 Buying your security equipment is just the beginning. We recommend you to go with a monitored security system because it truly is the best way to protect your home, and monitoring prices can be as low as $9.99/month for basic monitoring or more of $100/month for more premium services!


How much does a good home security system cost?

The upfront price of a home security system ranges between $250 to $1,500 and more. These costs include installation, equipment, and also activation fees. This is a one-time payment for the life of your contract that can be as low as 12 months!

How much does ADT cost?

Get your home and family protected with ADT. Choose the package that best fits you, whether it is a single camera starting at $36.99/month* or an advanced system for up to six cameras, including fire detection sensors starting at just $52.99/month*.  

How much are home security systems monthly?

Our proprietary research shows that DIY security systems are cheaper than professional rates by over $18 a month, and installation costs also cost less.

Which is better, SimpliSafe or Ring?

The Ring security company has a larger selection of video surveillance equipment in both indoor and outdoor options. The SimpliSafe camera selections are more limited, but they do offer two versions: the highly-rated Simplicam or Video Doorbell Pro (which includes motion detection).

Is Ring better than ADT?

The Ring is a strong choice because of its affordability and the seamless integration with Amazon Alexa systems and other Ring products. The company offers high-quality equipment at affordable prices too– this, combined with its easy installation, makes for an unbeatable combination from which you will be hard-pressed to find better deals elsewhere.

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