How To Find IP Address For Security Cameras

If you’re out of your home and you feel the urge to check on your security camera, knowing its IP address can help you to start with remote viewing. Once you have your camera’s IP address, you can find your camera, view the footage, and control it through the internet.

But how do you find your security camera IP address? Here are four ways you can try.

1. Use Your Camera’s Companion Software

If you’re looking for the easiest way to find an IP address, this is it. You just go to the Network page on your CCTV camera’s software, usually through your mobile phone or computer. Among the information provided, you can get the IP address on the Network tab.

2. Use an Online IP Camera Address Finder Tool

Another option you can try is using an online IP camera address finder tool. Some of the trusty ones you can try are Fing for mobile users and Advanced IP Scanner for PC users.

These software applications are equipped with the ability to access devices that are connected to the internet. You can easily check out the MAC address, IP address, and other manufacturer details when you access these tools.

3. Use the URL of Your Camera Configuration Page

Finally, you can also check out the configuration page for the settings of your camera. To get the IP address, the only thing you have to do is look at the numbers at the top of the URL. The set of 11 numbers at the start after the HTTP:// tag is your IP address.

Now that you have your camera’s IP address, you can work on gaining remote access to your camera feed and configuration wherever you may be.

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