What Are The Security Measures That Every Homeowner Should Know Of?


Every homeowner needs to know the security measures that are essential for a safe life. Ignoring these measures can lead you to some serious problems. There are several other safety steps that can be taken as well, but they all require a considerable amount of focus and attention, which is why it’s best to keep it simple and stick to tried and tested methods. Let’s look at some of the security measures that every homeowner should have at their disposal.

Use Deadbolts

Deadbolts are much stronger than the standard door locks, and you should use deadbolts on all of your doors. Deadbolts are longer than standard door locks, so they are harder to breakthrough. They also extend into the frame of the door, making them even more secure. They can cost two or three times as much as a standard lock; however, they are worth the security they bring you.

Install A Door Viewer

Door viewers are an excellent way to protect yourself from intruders, thieves, and other criminals. Sometimes called a peephole or spy hole, this simple device is a lens that lets you look through your home’s door at visitors before opening it to them. There are many positives to installing a door viewer in your home:

  • Since door viewers are installed through the door itself, they’re one of the most secure methods of verifying who someone is before opening your door.
  • They’re compact and stylish, so they won’t detract from the appearance of your home or its decor. They also cost very little money; most are under $20 on average.

If you’re interested in improving the security measures of your home by installing a door viewer, here’s what you need to know:

Install Door And Window Alarms

As a homeowner, you should install alarms on every entry point of your home. These alarms can be linked to the local police station so that when someone breaks into your home, the local police are called, and they’ll come over. This is very important in case of emergency situations. For example, if someone breaks into your house while you’re sleeping at night, the alarm will alert the police immediately. Furthermore, another way to keep your home safe is to have a security camera installed so you can monitor who comes and goes from your house.

Also, make sure to check the batteries of these alarms every month or two because they run out quickly if there aren’t new ones installed regularly! Finally, it’s also important that you install an alarm system that is linked to your mobile phone! If someone tries breaking in when you’re away from home for work or vacation, then this could alert them before anything happens too late – which means less stress about being robbed later on later day (and potentially avoiding any damage).

Trim Vegetation Away From Your House To Eliminate Hiding Places For Burglars

Although some homeowners welcome the privacy afforded by thick shrubbery and high fences, they often overlook the security risks involved. You need to be sure that you know what is happening around your house at all times. Burglars look for ways to sneak in unseen, which means that if you have bushes or trees that obscure their view of your windows, they will likely consider it a low-risk opportunity and try to get into your house through those windows.

To mitigate this risk, be sure to keep vegetation trimmed away from the sides of your home so that anyone walking around outside has a clear view into every window in your home. If you want more privacy, you can install blinds on the inside of your windows instead. This allows you to see out without giving potential intruders any cover for breaking into your home.

This also means that any cover for a burglar is a bad idea. Keep garage doors closed at all times when not being used and ensure fences are kept in good repair so no one can sneak past them unnoticed or cut through them to provide themselves with an easy way inside.

Install An Electronic Security System That Includes Burglar Alarms, Surveillance Cameras, And Fire Detectors

Did you know, burglary Statistics suggest burglaries happen once every 30 seconds on average in the United States. Take a moment and imagine how many homes have been broken into because homeowners didn’t have a security system to protect their property!

Installing an electronic security system is one of the best ways to protect your home from intruders. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to install it for you. If you decide to hire someone, make sure they are licensed and insured, so you don’t end up with any problems down the road if something goes wrong with the installation! It may be expensive at first but just think about how much money it could save you in case there’s ever a break-in or fire at your house—it also provides peace of mind knowing someone will be alerted immediately if something does happen while no one is home

Don’t Hide Keys

One of the most common—and ineffective—security measures is to keep a spare key hidden in some out-of-the-way spot. Burglars are great at finding these “hidden” keys, and they know that a lot of people will leave them around the house. Don’t keep a spare key in the mailbox, under the doormat, in a flowerpot, or on a nearby rock. These locations have been used for so long that burglars will immediately think to check them first. It’s much better to give your key to someone you trust who lives nearby and ask him or her to return it when you get back home.

Lastly, The Easiest Technique You Must Know

One of the easiest ways to safeguard your home is simply to make it look occupied. If you’re going away for an extended period, set up a few lights with timers or automatic switches, so they turn on at night and off in the morning (dusk-to-dawn is better). Set up your TV or stereo on an automatic timer too, and maybe leave a car parked outside (if possible). This will give burglars pause because they’re most likely looking for an empty house, one they can loot quickly without being caught.

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