Home and Travel Security Tips – Gadgets to Stay Safe on the Go


While certainly fulfilling, traveling is also stressful and, for some, even anxiety-inducing. You must make sure that you have everything packed. You need to develop an itinerary. You need to stay on top of your transportation and accommodation. On top of it all, you must ensure that you and your home are safe and sound regardless of where you’re going and how long you stay away. 

To make your travels more relaxing and enjoyable, you’ll want the help of a few handy gadgets and solutions that will up the ante on your security at home and on the go. 

From keeping an eye on your house to protecting your hotel rooms and taking your online security up a notch, look at the best security tech you’ll need to get your hand on. 

Home security tech 

Hiring a house-sitter is an excellent solution for upping the ante on home security while you’re away. However, it can quickly get expensive. 

The following solutions are budget-friendly, easy to use, and effective at keeping your home safe while you’re away. 

Canary security 

Canary is an advanced home surveillance system that allows you to keep an eye on everything that’s happening in or around your house. 

It’s a sleek device with HD video and audio, crisp night vision, motion detection, two-way talk, and much more. Installation is seamless – you just need to connect the device to your home’s Wi-Fi, download the Canary app on your phone, and start monitoring activity. 

You’ll gain access to 24/7 surveillance, real-time alerts and notifications, and even a 90-decibel siren that will sound off at the first sign of trouble. You may also find other systems that achieve similar results.  

Maximus smart security light 

The Maximus smart security light sold by Kuna allows you to monitor everything outside your home while traveling. 

It’s a functional outdoor light with numerous security features that will keep your home safe and sound. It boasts an HD security camera that can record videos, a two-way intercom, motion detection, and a built-in alarm. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, which gives it even more functionality. 

Smart LED lights can also work. Many are controlled via apps, and users can set schedules for when the lights should turn on. 

Wyze plug 

The Wyze plug is a unique little device that can make your home seem occupied and thus deter burglars. When you plug your devices into the Wyze plug, you can control them remotely – turning them on and off and even creating randomized cycles to make it seem like there’s human activity in your home. 

The Wyze plug is compatible with Google Home and Alexa, so you can use voice control to manage your plugged devices. 

Travel security tech 

With your home secured, it’s time to start thinking about your safety while traveling. Check out the top solutions for travel security. 

PacSafe portable safe 

The PacSafe portable safe collection is a simple solution to keeping your most essential items secure while traveling. It’s especially useful for solo travelers who find it hard to keep an eye on their things while they’re swimming or drinking cocktails at the beach bar. 

It’s a lightweight bag that’s easy to carry and can be secured to any pole, chair, or other fixture. It’s cut-resistant and features a lockable stainless-steel cage to prevent pick-pocketers and thieves from running away with your belongings. 

Trova go biometric smart safe 

Trova Go biometric smart safe is a small metallic tamper-proof safe that can help you keep your valuables secure wherever you go. It comes in two sizes, making it ideal for storing things such as your passport, keys, cash, and more. 

It comes with a USB charging port and can only be opened via the Trova app you’ll need to install on your smartphone. However, you can also set up a pattern code for an emergency and press the power button in your pre-set pattern to unlock. 

VPN for online security 

Ensuring your digital security as you travel doesn’t stop at securing your devices from physical theft. You’ll also need to secure your private data and activities. A Virtual Private Network enables you to connect to any network, whether it’s public or private, and create an encrypted connection that will prevent data theft and monitoring. 

Neither public Wi-Fi in cafes and restaurants nor password-protected hotel Wi-Fi can keep your data safe. Any time you use these networks to sign into your social media, open your email, or access your bank account, you risk data leaks. 

So, consider a VPN download to guarantee that all information travels via a safe connection. It is easy to use, convenient, and secure, allowing you to keep your online privacy wherever you are. 

Sabre wedge door stop alarm 

The Sabre wedge door stop alarm is a simple device designed to prevent unwanted guests from entering your hotel room. You’ll use it like a regular door stop, placing it underneath your doors when you close them. 

The Sabre’s shape will prevent anyone outside from opening the doors, while the built-in 120-decibel alarm will immediately sound off when it detects pressure. Thus, you can sleep soundly, knowing no intruders can surprise you. 

Tile tracker 

Finally, to avoid losing essential items or having them stolen, you should get yourself a few Tile trackers. These Bluetooth trackers can be attached to any item you may have – you can even attach them to your pet’s collar – allowing you to locate it easily. 

Final thoughts 

Ensuring your safety and the safety of your home while you’re traveling is essential. With a few gadgets, apps, and smart solutions, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’re always protected online and offline.

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