Are Your Patio Doors Safe and Secure? 5 Changes and Upgrades to Consider for Better Security

Last updated: January 29, 2024


Home security is a top priority for any homeowner. Often, we ensure that our main entrances and windows are well-secured, but tend to overlook one critical aspect of home security: the patio door!

These doors can often be easily accessed by intruders if not properly secured, which makes them an important point of attention in any home safety plan.

Stay tuned as we explore ways to upgrade and safeguard your patio door – turning vulnerability into strength!

Why Are Patio Doors Often Overlooked in Home Security?

Patio doors provide an appealing gateway between your home’s indoor and outdoor space. Their charm, however, can make it easy to forget that they’re also potential entry points for intruders.

Homeowners frequently neglect these doors when considering home security measures, often focusing more on front and back doors.

By overlooking patio doors, you might be unknowingly giving opportunistic thieves the chance they need to break into your home. Therefore, recognizing the significance of patio door security is a vital step toward comprehensive home safety.

5 Changes and Upgrades to Consider for Better Security

1. Reinforcing Your Patio Door Glass

Patio doors are usually made up of large glass panels, which are visually appealing but can sometimes be a security issue. They can be easily shattered or forced open by intruders.

One way to bolster their security is by using security films for the glass. These films hold the glass together even when shattered, significantly hindering break-ins.

Another method is installing laminated glass or tempered glass, which provides an added layer of strength and durability compared to ordinary glass doors.

Don’t underestimate the importance of reinforcing your patio door’s glass. A small upgrade can drastically impact your home’s safety!

2. Security Systems and Cameras: Extra Layers of Protection 

Opting for a security system or installing cameras can add an indispensable layer of protection to your patio door. CCTV cameras act as a significant deterrent, causing would-be intruders to think twice before attempting a break-in.

Modern home security systems today can immediately alert you or local authorities if someone tries to tamper with your patio doors.

With technology advancing rapidly, numerous affordable and effective surveillance options are available in the market that can enhance your home safety without breaking the bank.

3. Add Window Coverings: Their Role in Patio Door Security

Patio doors, with their large glass panes, can inadvertently provide outsiders a glimpse into your home. This visibility could potentially attract unwanted attention from burglars.

A straightforward solution to maintain privacy, yet enjoy the view and natural light, is adding window coverings like blinds or curtains, for example.

These not only enhance your home aesthetics but also restrict potential intruders from peering inside, increasing the overall security of your patio doors.

4. Upgrading the Patio Door Lock 

Traditional locks on patio doors often don’t provide sufficient security. After a significant period of use, even the best locks could be easily picked or forced open.

Therefore, upgrading to a door lock for the patio that is more secure and robust should be a top consideration. Good examples include keyed loop locks or slide-bolt locks.

Investing in a sturdy lock not only secures your home better, but it’s also a source of peace of mind. Installing security bars behind the patio door screen adds an extra layer of security in case ill-intenders attempt to pry through your locks.

5. Don’t Forget the Role of Outdoor Lighting! 

Good outdoor lighting plays an essential role in patio door security. It can deter opportunistic intruders who rely on darkness to go unnoticed. Strategically placed lights around your patio door can illuminate any potential hiding spots and deter break-ins.

Here are a few tips for effective outdoor lighting:

  • Consider motion-sensor lights which only turn on when movement is detected.
  • Ensure the lights are installed high enough to prevent tampering.
  • Timed lights can give the impression that someone is home even when you’re not.
  • Using LED bulbs can save energy and ensure longevity.

Never underestimate the power of well-placed outdoor lighting in your home’s security arsenal.


Securing your home is a priority, and your patio door should be no exception in this security plan. From reinforcing the glass to upgrading locks, implementing functional lighting strategies to installing robust security systems, each enhancement adds a vital layer of protection. 

It might be time to turn your attention towards your patio doors and transform them from being potential vulnerabilities into fortified barriers. Remember, a secure home is a safe home!

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