How To Install Recessed Door Alarm Sensor

Last updated: December 13, 2022


To install a recessed door alarm sensor in either a door or window, you need to drill holes into the frame. The diameter of your hole should be determined by what size contact is needed for it; consult with your contractor on this matter as he will know best how much room needs to be left around that particular hole. Once drilled and fitted with its respective magnet piece, run two wires from an alarm system control panel (connecting them at the newly-drilled location) before installing any more pieces onto their designated areas.

Install the Recessed Contact by feed a wire through the hole, and splice it to two wires coming out of backside contact. Press both contacts into their respective holes in the door or window frame until they are flush with surrounding surfaces. Once installation is complete, go ahead install corresponding magnets, which should be installed opposite from where you just completed installing your recessed contact on another side of door or window frames using matching drill bit size as well (make sure all screws holding the magnet in place have been removed).

Installing a wireless recessed sensor takes just minutes with no wires to run, but don’t forget that antenna should be as straight as possible before inserting into the frame.

Program the sensor into your alarm panel.

Test the door or window for communication.


How do you install a recessed alarm sensor?

Mount your Recessed Door/Window Sensor by drilling a 3/4″ hole for the Magnet and 5/8″ deep across from it. Then, drill out 2 ¼” inwards to make room for the sensor before pushing both into place until they are flush against the frame.

What is a recessed door sensor?

The Recessed Door Sensor is a small, sleek device that monitors the opening and closing of your door. It can be installed seamlessly in any doorway within just minutes!

How do you remove a wired door sensor?

Complete the following steps to remove a wired recessed sensor:

  1. Pull out the sensor and its Magnet. Pull out both the sensor and its Magnet from their respective holes.
  2. Disconnect the wire. At the sensor, disconnect the wire from the back of it.
  3. Pull out the wire.
  4. Complete the removal.

How do door alarm sensors work?

A door and window alarm sensor simply uses a magnet and a sensor. This is placed on or inside the frame of either the door or window itself. When this opens, it will cause them to separate from each other, which produces an electrical signal that activates your alarm system!

Are door alarms effective?

Doors are typically the easiest entry point for burglars, and it is important to protect them. If someone tries opening or breaking your front door alarm system will sound off immediately letting you know of any unwanted intruders in your home.

We hope this article was helpful for you in understanding how to install a recessed door alarm sensor. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. For reading more such articles, visit Security Forward. 

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