TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box Review: A Safe For Your Office

Last updated: January 21, 2022


TIGERKING’s safes have always attracted the attention of customers. Why can it? Read on this TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box Review below to find out!

You are thinking about having a safe place to store cash, high-value jewelry such as gold, silver, or important files and papers. Yet, you do not know which is the best high-standard safe box at a reasonable price? 

If so, why don’t you try the TIGERKING one? Read on this useful TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box review to have insights about this product, and decide where or not this is the one you are looking for!

A safe is necessary to protect your property

A safe is necessary to protect your property

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box: Introduction 

TIGERKING Safe Box is a safe place to keep your assets

TIGERKING Safe Box is a safe place to keep your assets

Developed in 2000, TIGERKING is a famous safes brand from China. The company’s products always receive positive reviews and feedback from customers, thanks to the advantages in design and quality. By 2007, their safes were available in many countries around the world, such as the US.

Up to now, TIGERKING has launched many models of quality safes to meet the increasing requirements of customers. In this article, we will introduce you to one of its top representatives today – the safe BGX-D1-48YZ.

BGX-D1-48YZ is a digital safe for homes and small offices. Immediately after its launch, it quickly became the center of attention.

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box – Specifications               

If you require a high-security and stylish product, the TIGERKING BGX-D1-48YZ is an option worth considering.

This safe box has a luxurious design with a vertical rectangular shape, eye-catching mainstream black color. It also has a wide viewing angle and sharp lines that make it compatible with many different spaces without taking up too much space in your room.

Simple but classy look.

Simple but classy look.

Specifically, its external dimensions are 15 x 12.6 x 18.9 inches, and it weighs only 50.2 pounds. The compartment is 14.1 x 9.4 x 17.5 inches wide, or 1.34 cubic feet. 

Compared to some other family safes, this child of TIGERKING is quite compact, but its capacity is still big enough to satisfy you. You can comfortably store your belongings such as jewelry, handguns, A4 documents (without folding), cash, etc., inside it.

More especially, TIGERKING has been very thoughtful when adding a soft cushion to avoid scratching the contents. The inner racks are removable as well.

With modern production lines, this product has an extremely solid structure with an alloy steel shell. This makes it capable of durable, impact-resistant, extremely good performance, and most especially the excellent fire resistance of the device.

Its door is 2.8 inches thick and includes four long-lived locking pins. It also has some extra drill holes to fix to the wall to prevent thieves from stealing.

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box – Product Features 

In this part, we will identify all the remarkable advantages of TIGERKING digital security safe box!

Safety Lock: Electronic Locking, Key

Double security with password and key

Double security with password and key

TIGERKING is famous for producing smart features safes. Its products have a great combination of anti-theft cryptography and key lock technology to increase security two times. Advanced electronics allow conversion from 1-15 numbers, and the device will automatically cut off the circuit after five wrong presses to ensure the safety and security of the device.

Keep in mind that you can change the password more than once. The number keys of BGX-D1-48YZ are quite eye-catching with luxurious copper color. Besides, there are two function keys in case of emergency.

High Security

Alarm system to help deter thieves

Alarm system to help deter thieves

The manufacturer uses a dual warning system to prevent theft from opening your safe, as the system will automatically activate after three wrong entries. If someone is trying to break your safe, it will emit warning signals such as sound and strong vibration to prevent the entry of “uninvited” guests. The user needs to enter the correct password to disable this warning.

Passwords can contain up to 8 characters, so to increase security, don’t choose a date of birth, clear numbers, or defaults like 1234. Thieves can unlock it before you figure it out!

So, what if you forgot the code? Is there a way to open the safe? Sure, we can’t remember everything exactly. In this case, you can use an additional Primary Key or Emergency Key instead. 

Thanks to its high-security level, this safe is ideal for storing firearms, like handguns in particular. Making it the proper answer to the question How to pick up great gun safe?”.


This aspect further contributes to the popularity of TIGERKING, a longstanding brand, on the market.

One of the safe’s features that beats out many other home safes is its LED display, allowing you to easily observe the content displayed on it. What’s a useful feature when you are in a hurry and can’t remember what you typed! You can also change your password whenever you want, thanks to a hidden button inside.

In addition, this device also has an LED light that automatically lights up when you open the door. The duration of the light depends on its battery’s life.

Easy To Install

BGX-D1-48YZ is easy to install with four rear latches

BGX-D1-48YZ is easy to install with four rear latches

As mentioned above, this security safe has four holes drilled in the back for mounting on the wall. Each pin is one inch long, and you could mount it on both wood and concrete, making it very difficult for the thief to steal your safe.

If you don’t like mounting it on the wall or the ground, you can put it on a shelf in the room.

High Applicability

Many people often think of a safe as simply a safe box to store important assets. However, a safe can mean more than that!

Apart from the storage capacity, the safe can also act as a piece of furniture. It will be great if your space has a beautiful and luxurious safe like TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box as a decorative item. It has a luxurious, compact appearance, a classy black color scheme, and it perfectly fits many different spaces. You can put it in the living room, bedroom, office, hotel room, etc., to highlight the corner. 

The product can be a luxurious decorative item.

The product can be a luxurious decorative item.

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box – Warranty 

Does this model have a warranty program? This is a question that many customers wonder about before purchasing a product. It would be a shortcoming if our TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box Review article omitted this part.

Rest assured, TIGERKING always brings you the best products and services. The company’s safes have a warranty period of up to one year. During the warranty period, you will not have to pay any extra cost! The brand will pay for the replacement parts.

Nevertheless, this policy only applies to manufacturer defects and does not include the following:

  • Damaged by accident, misuse, abuse.
  • Damaged by arbitrarily changing the texture of Tigerking.
  • Tigerking’s serial number is no longer available.
  • Damaged due to transportation problems.

Quick Rundown Of TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box 

Any object has its advantages and disadvantages. To make your choice easier, let’s take a look at the following pros and cons:


  • Appealing design
  • Easy code programming and account management.
  • Scratch-resistant with the soft inner layer.
  • Spacious storage compartment
  • Double the security with password and key.
  • Safe backup battery


  • Weak LED 
  • Slightly pricey

Smart design.

Smart design.


Overall, BGX-D1-will be a good choice with good storage capacity and security. The product is also famous for its installation with ease, user-friendliness, high applicability with other smart features that will beat down rivals in the same segment. Of course, the final decision is still up to you.

Thank you so much for being interested in following our TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box Review article, don’t forget to share if you find the article useful!

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