4 Ways to Secure Your Home With Smart Technology


The world of smart technology is constantly growing, and while it comes with some new challenges for your security, it can also be used to benefit the safety of your home. If you are constantly upgrading your house with the newest and best gadgets, then you should also be focusing on the security of your house using smart technology as well.

Use Bluetooth Locks

The first line of defense for your home is going to be the locks on your doors. For a smart home, the first line of defense is going to have to be bluetooth locks. Smart locks can be connected to your phone and your wi-fi, and they can detect when your device comes into range. This allows you to only be able to open the door, and no one else will be able to get in.

You can also use sensors connected to your smartphone on your doors and windows, and these sensors will fire depending on if any motion is detected and then it will be sent to your phone. So whether you are at home or are away, you will be able to check and see if there’s a break in or suspicious movement around your home.

Smart Technology Can Also Control Other Functions Such As Heating

Of course, smart technology isn’t just for the security of your home, and it can also be used to save money on your energy bills by controlling your heating. If you are looking for residential heating services, then you need to see if they have any smart technology you can access. Such as smart thermostats that are installed by residential heating services.

A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature via your phone, and some will even start to learn your patterns in life and will change temperature accordingly. So whenever you are out of the home they will lower your home’s temperature to save you money on your energy bills.

Outdoor And Indoor Cameras

Of course indoor cameras are extremely important for your home’s security as you look for intruders or other problems, however, don’t discount outdoor cameras as well. If thieves plan to rob your home, they will often scout out your home to examine when your home is empty or if your home’s security has any weaknesses. With a good set of outdoor cameras you can take a good look at the outside of your home and can be warned of potential thieves.

You can even use cameras that either directly warn the thieves that they are being recorded, or have cameras that either set off a bright light or siren if thieves get too close. Pick out the best smart technology cameras that you can, because they will give you plenty of options to protect the exterior of your home. 

Light Automation Systems and Smart TVs

If you are going to be out of your home for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few hours, you might want to make it look like your home is occupied. Having light automation systems automatically turns your lights on and off at certain times, which can be great to ward off people who might strike if they think your house is empty. You can even set up things like this for the outside of your house as well, so your yard and porch lights will go on and off too.

Smart TVs can also be great if you have a pet and want them to feel like there is noise in the house, because Smart TVs can be set on a timer and are able to turn on and off. Then your pet can move around and listen to whatever channel you set the television on until you get home.

Keep Your Home Safe With New Technology

If you are going to be upgrading your home anyway with some wonderful smart technology, then you might want to increase your level of automated security as well. The best part is that if you keep on upgrading your home and your home’s security, they will all often be on the same network. So you can control every single automated part of your home with just one device!

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