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 How Can Dogs Help Secure Our Homes?

Dogs are a man’s best friend and make a great companion. While most people keep a pet dog as just that, dogs actually serve a dual purpose- aside from being your best friend, they are also great for guarding your house. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can go lax on the rest of your security measures, but there are numerous ways dogs help boost your home security.

We brought in the experts to shed more light on how our furry companions safeguard our homes;

Ahmed Mir is the Founder and Managing Editor of Sip Coffee House. According to Ahmed…

A non-stop barking dog definitely draws attention, and that is something that intruders steer clear of. Not only do dogs pick up signs of danger quicker than humans, but they can also act as an alarm, alerting their owners, as well as neighbors and people passing by of any trespassers. 

Ted Mosby is a Freelance Architect, Passionate Camper &Founder of CamperAdvise. According to Ted…

I also have four dogs in our house, and they are the ones who help us in securing our home when we are not around. Our dogs excel at defending the boundaries. They have heightened senses, which is one of the best things about them. Long before you detect them, they will smell and then hear someone approaching. 

The distinction is between typical dog activity, such as barking at the mailman and warning you of a potential disruption on your street or property. 

Miloš Hajduković is the Co-Founder of Samoyed Hub, a niche blog dedicated to Samoyeds; his favorite dog breed. According to Miloš…

We all know that dogs have an urge to protect their dog parents. Today, dogs, especially those who live in large houses, can be useful in terms of house safety. For the security of the house or apartment to be as high as possible, it is necessary to choose the right dog. Great dogs in these situations can be Samoyeds, Rottweilers, Cane Corso, Pitbull, and Asian Shepherd.

These dogs are characterized by large dimensions, protective behavior, and loudness. Note that other dogs can also be helpful. The characteristic of all dogs is that they react to potential danger by barking. Once your neighbors hear some noises from your side, they will react in time by calling the police. 

This can be useful in situations when you will not be at home for a while. From personal experience, more dogs around the house increase security. Also, keep in mind that burglars will desist from their intentions when they notice a couple of dogs in one place. 

Robert Banks Is The Founder Of Mrstocks. According To Robert…

Dogs do not always necessarily attack intruders when they get inside the house, but that way, they bark will make a loud alarm for you, or when you’re not home, neighbors might think something is happening in your house. 

My dog might not be that intimidating when seen, but whenever an unknown visitor comes, her first instinct is to bark and let me know someone is on the door. By doing that, it makes me aware that there’s really someone out there, and if intruders try entering, I think dogs will know and will alarm the whole house. 

Also, dog breed may not be related to if they can guard the house or not but depends on their confidence in facing an unknown person and will act in a way protecting their owners and their home. 

According to Kyle Battis from Frenchie Journey

In my 20’s I worked with a martial arts instructor teaching self-defense and situational awareness and earned a healthy respect for personal and home security. We have always had a dog in our home for companionship, but the mere presence of a dog in the home can dissuade home break-ins. 

Criminals like easy targets and simple devices like motion-triggered floodlights, security cameras, and even a dog in the home can dissuade them from choosing your home as a target. We credit our own dog for keeping our family safe, as this past year, we had a stranger come to our front door at 11:00 am and start jostling with the door handle, only to be driven away by the barking from our dog. 

Our security camera got the video of this situation, and it was clear to see that our dog’s barking caused him to flee the scene to find an easier target. 

Michael Peres is a Software Engineer, Journalist, Radio Host, and Founder of several start-up companies; Hexa Cloud Services, Hexa Web Systems, Peres Daily, Israel Now News, SEO for Public Figures, Scale My Publication, Scale My Podcast. According to Michael…

Dogs can warn about burglars way before any smart home security system. This is especially true for territorial dogs who bark at the first sign of a stranger. Most small dogs- Large dogs also- act as a way to scare home invaders as most people are afraid to get bitten by them. Beware of dog signs can be placed around the house in order to scare burglars. 

The only problem with dogs being part of home security is that they can get used to the scent of someone, so they won’t bark at them anymore. This trait can be abused by burglars by accustoming the dogs to their scent so they won’t be triggered anymore.

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert and the Founder of Rebarkable. She is a multi-award-winning puppy trainer who uses positive reinforcement techniques.  According to Ali…

Most dogs lack the ability to stop an intruder or protect your home. Most of the time, a dog is simply a deterrent. They have the ability to notify their owners as to the fact that there is someone in the house that shouldn’t be there – allowing the owner to protect their own home. 

It is, however, something that can be trained. This training may require special permissions from HOAs or a particular homeowners insurance. It’s also not a commitment to be taken lightly; this training is something that must be practiced, honed, and their training maintained because a protection dog whose training has lapsed? Is a massive bite risk dog! 

Of course, there are other things you can train, such as barking when hearing a gate open or similar, but again, it’s advisable to be cautious and do this in the company of a professional trainer to make sure there is no unexpected backlash. 

Jonathan Christie is the CEO of The Property Buying Company. According to Jonathan…

A dog is always a great companion and can provide so much more to a family than being a best friend. A dog can help you to make your home feel and look more secure. 

Although many dogs are good-natured and not at all scary, having them in your home can actually deter people from breaking in, which adds an extra layer of security. A dog is able to alert its owners when someone is approaching their home, which scares off many people from getting any closer.

As well, barking can be off-putting and make many possible intruders think the dog would attack them if they were to enter your home, which scares them off. Even if your dog is super gentle, those walking by would never know unless they entered the home. 

Owning a dog can be beneficial in deterring people away from your home, especially if you are not there yourself to guard it. Adding “Beware of Dog” signs can also add to their presence, making them seem more intimidating.

Cathy Mills is the Director of Strategy Net Influencer. According to Cathy…

Dogs can help protect our home psychologically. This means that when a burglar intends to steal, he will think twice about his actions if he knows that there is a dog inside the house. Not because the dog is dangerous, but because dogs are often very noisy, and their barking can cause a burglary to go wrong. For this reason, burglars psychologically prefer to avoid entering homes with dogs.

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