Top 6 Secure Places to Hide Valuable Things at Home


Under the mattress, at the back of your sock drawer, in an old pair of shoes, behind the fridge; all sound like classic hiding places for valuables, right? Unfortunately, all these traditional places are well known to would-be thieves.

There are, however, some places you may not have thought of that are good suggestions given by security professionals and ex-criminals. They may take a little more effort than the classics but are worth the extra effort to keep your belongings safe. Read on to learn more.

1. Hollowed out books

While it is a common practice to slide cash and personal papers into books, hollowing out an old book can be a cost-effective way of hiding larger, misshapen items like jewelry and small electronics.

Head down to your local second-hand book store, pick a cheap, dull-looking book, and use a box cutter to cut a cubed hollow out of the book’s center. This leaves a perfect place for storing your valuable items; just don’t forget the book title!

2. False VHS tapes

Although VHS has been superseded by discs, USBs, and now streaming services, many of us still have a collection of old VHS cassettes collecting dust in a cupboard, under the stairs, or in the shed.

These old VHS cassettes can be carefully deconstructed, and the tape and insides removed to make space for small valuables such as:

  • Cash
  • Passports and documents
  • Jewelry
  • Smartphones
  • Watches
  • Family heirlooms and more

Once you have stored your items, put the VHS back in its case and let it blend into your old collection.

3. False Containers

With false containers, you are limited only by imagination, and there are plenty of suggestions online to help you get creative. You can use any type of container, including:

  • Protein containers
  • Cleaning chemical bottles
  • Wet wipe packages
  • Biscuit tins
  • Food packages
  • Spice bottles and more

If you choose to use something that contains potentially hazardous materials like chemicals, ensure you wear PPE gear and thoroughly wash them before use. Then you can modify the container for access. 

If you only require the safety container while you are away, say on holiday, you can place items inside and cut the container open later. Choose false containers that are not transparent and do not allow much light to penetrate to avoid the shadows of the objects inside.

4. Fake Power Points

This is a very effective safe storage solution. Fake power points can be bought online, or you can easily make a DIY one. Power points are relatively cheap from most hardware stores and easy to install, especially since no power is being connected.

Simply remove the backing of the power point, leaving just the face, and attach or glue a storage bag or container to the back that can be inserted and removed easily from the hole in the wall. Screw the power point in place as usual, and you have a very effective secret safe storage utility.

5. Pot plants

Indoor plant pots can be a great place to create false bottoms or physically bury something in the soil. This applies to both floor-level and hanging plants.

If burying valuables into the soil, ensure the item is well covered and waterproof. It is also essential to ensure that the item will not adversely affect the plant. A good idea is to put the selected plant in an oversize pot to allow for more strategic space.

6. Under bin liners

Although it may mean getting your hands dirty, installing a false bottom, or placing a safety storage container under a bin liner is a perfect decoy. 

Waste triggers a disgust response in many people, and would-be thieves are likely to ignore the bin or resist any urge to sift through or around it. Just remember to wash your hands af

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