Home Security Features to Consider Before Moving In


Due to a work transfer or perhaps even retirement, you might be relocating to a new residential location in a different city. And while settling down, there are several aspects that sometimes get overlooked. Home security is the best indication of this problem since most people focus more on things like a property’s visual attractiveness.

So if you’re looking at properties in different cities, here are some key security recommendations before moving into a home. 

Home Security Features to Make Your New House Safer

Change The Previous Locks

If you are relocating to a new flat or condominium, it is necessary that you work with a highly skilled residential locksmith to replace the locks on your doors. But why exactly do you need to do this?

Remember that the previous tenants may have duplicate keys for both the main entrance and the doors leading to specific rooms. Unsurprisingly, this is a considerable security risk, and many unwary folks have been the victims of losing personal items in such scenarios. Therefore, a residential lock replacement will ensure that the only person with access to your home is you.

Reinforce The Deadbolt Locks

The deadbolts are the primary form of home security on the bulk of residential doorways. The bolts will, however, give way in the event of excessive force since they may be sufficient to remove the nuts from the door framework. That is why it is advisable that you use the lengthier, sturdier fasteners that will maximize the durability of the deadbolts on the residential door. The longer screws will reinforce the door in the occurrence of extreme force by reaching all the way down to the door frame studs.

Rekey Locks To Save Money

If the entire lock replacement’s cost is too much for you, think about using a home lock rekeying service. It is a method whereby a certified home locksmith will change the design of the current locks and create new keys that match the modifications.

As a result, the former keys will be worthless, and your new locks will be as secure as a new installation. However, the benefit is that it is less expensive than changing all the locks. Also, rekeying enables you to keep the previously maintained aesthetic appeal.

Check For A Mobile Security Application

There are several home security systems that will keep an eye on your alarms around the clock, but nothing beats the added protection of being able to check in on everything from the workplace. Before contracting an installer or building a system yourself, check whether any compatible software is usable to oversee the systems virtually. 

Some applications let you check particular cameras throughout the house so you can, for example, check in on your pets. Others enable you to set up alarms so you’ll get a notification on your phone if someone enters your home.

Automate The House

Do you ever second guess whether you locked your front door? Or have you ever arrived home on an unbearably warm summer day only to find that you forgot to lower the thermostat and your house is sweltering?

If you choose a safety system with automation technology, the home security application will let you control locks, alarms, thermostats, and maybe even some plugs and lights.

Motion Detection Is A Must

Many cameras may be configurable to record continuously throughout the day, but they can quickly drain your batteries. Thanks to advancements in motion sensor technology, it is now feasible to trigger a camera to turn on only when anything wanders into the field of vision.

Many systems provide location-based settings, allowing pet owners to turn motion detection “on” in some areas of the house while leaving it off in others where animals are more likely to be running around.

Install High-Tech Cameras

Camera tech has recently advanced significantly, from live streams to multiple colors, high definition, and high-resolution footage. Therefore, look for camera systems with extra features like night vision, the ability to pan and zoom, or the ability to move the camera with a few smartphone swipes, letting you see everything in a room or backyard.

In addition to normal vision, innovative camera technology now also captures audio, giving homeowners the opportunity to speak with the individual at their front gate without ever having to leave the comfort of their chair or to check in quickly on their children after school by employing the camera’s two-way chatting function.

Have Multiple Master Keys

Having a single key that opens all of the residential doors in the house will make rekeying an entirely unique experience. Additionally, think about creating other duplicates of the master key to distribute to the other householders. The benefit of master keying is that it enables you to enter any of the rooms with any nearby key. Consequently, you are relieved of the constant burden of remembering which key opens which door lock.

Set Up A Wireless System

With no cables to hide or run through walls and ceilings, wireless technology appears to be the way of the future and can reduce the effort required to establish your new home security system.

Secondly, since your system is wireless, it does not depend on a phone line, which may get cut by an offender. Not to mention, many homeowners nowadays want to completely do without a landline in order to reduce their phone expenditures. So it’s convenient that wireless systems use the WiFi or mobile phone signal rather than those troublesome wires.

Final Thoughts

When finding a new home, most people would rather focus on the best cities to retire to or the most beautiful properties instead of essentials like home security. But this is where the recommendations above come into play. 

So if you’re moving into a new house and it doesn’t come with the necessary security, make sure to add the essential fortifications. After all, there is no happy home if you’re not feeling safe and sound. 

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