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Last updated: January 5, 2024

Whether it’s for security reasons or for possible savings, you’ll find a motion sensor light in practically every household. They’re amazingly diverse with their applications and there’s an equally varied selection available for anyone interested. 

In fact, what’s become a challenge for many is simply choosing one. This is because of the sheer variety of designs, functions, and features included in many of these options. 

The motion sensor light options are so varied to the point that Markets and Markets described a 6.9% compound annual growth for the motion sensor industry. If that isn’t a sign of a developing market, we don’t know what is.

These findings just goes to show how popular this technology has become. Of course, the issue then becomes choosing the right sensor light to match your needs! 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Motion Sensor Light

Choosing a motion sensor light for your home can be confusing, but it isn’t impossible. To help you understand what kind of details you should watch out for, let’s break down some of the more important considerations.


Motion sensor lights can come in different shapes and sizes. As the consumer, you’ll have to figure out beforehand where you’ll want your motion sensor lights to go. That way, finding one that’s sized appropriately will be much easier. 

If you’re looking at indoor lights, wherein the house would you want them? Are you trying to keep them discreet or visible? 

These are some of the questions that will help you determine what size your sensor light needs to be.

Power Source

This is another consideration that’s important, most especially for outdoor lights. Different companies will have addressed the source of power for their motion sensor lights differently. 

These days, it’s pretty easy to find powerful solar-powered motion sensor lights. This type of light will work best for outdoor use but will obviously be a bit more difficult to operate properly indoors. 

For wired power sources, you’ll be dependent on the electrical wiring of your house. These types of motion sensor lights will require a little more work at the start but less maintenance in the long run.


The range of the motion sensor light will be the biggest determining factor when it comes to function. Limitations might arise when using low-range motion sensor lights, which can make or break your final choice.

For the most part, the range of your light will tell you how its placement will go. If you have a big room, you’ll need more powerful lights, but smaller rooms won’t need too much power.

Ask yourself up to what point you want the light to sense motion. Also, are you using these lights for security or for convenience? Make things easier for yourself by asking and answering these kinds of questions. 


The brightness of the motion sensor light will also come into play. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to purchase a light that only lights up half the area! 

While this may be more important for outdoor lights, indoor motion sensor lights will also have a description of how bright they can be. This way, you can estimate how much of a room light will be able to serve. 

This will have an effect on the placement of the light as well. Spotlights, for example, light up a whole area, making them perfect for use on your porch. 


Of course, you can’t forget the aesthetics of each light you purchase. Just because motion sensor lights are focused on function doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the looks.

Depending on the consumer, the aesthetics of your lights aren’t as important in terms of how well they can do the job. Despite that, you might want to choose a light that would fit into the architectural or interior design of your home. 

This way, be it discreet or not, your home’s aesthetic won’t suffer from your choice of security measures. Safety and style, all in one go!

Best Motion Sensor Light

For this category, let’s talk about motion sensor lights in general. That means taking a look at the best-of-the-best of 2021.

Maxsa Motion-Activated Security Outdoor Spotlight

Maxsa’s Motion-Activated light is perfect for smaller outdoor applications. It’s a solar-powered waterproof motion sensor light. You can even sneak it around and use it as an under eave sensor light. 

The design itself is pretty straightforward and needs little maintenance thanks to its rechargeable battery. This sensor light is small and comes with a 9-foot cable for the solar panel. 

Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring’s Floodlight Camera is unique in that, as the name suggests, it has a camera included. Combine that with a floodlight and alarm system and you’ve got a pretty decent security measure. 

With this option, motion triggers a dual spotlight setup as well as the recording of the camera. Set it up with Alexa and you can rest easy with home security. That makes this one of the best outdoor sensor lights available in the market.

LITOM Original Solar Lighting

LITOM’s Original Solar Lighting is probably what people imagine when they hear the phrase “outdoor motion light.” It’s a sturdily made product with a large solar panel on top and a load of LEDs around the sides.

It’s extremely multifunctional so you can use it as ambient lighting in your garden. Otherwise, you can also keep it in dark areas like your garage to help you move around at night. 

Sengled Smartsense

In terms of aesthetics, Sengled’s Smartsense sensor light is a top pick. Its main design perk is the integrated motion sensor on the light “bulb” panel itself. It’s compact and portable, so long as you have the right fixture.

Additionally, it has a range of 30 feet which makes it ideal for high-ceiling homes and outdoor uses. Combine that with its long-lasting construction and you’ve got a study but stylish motion sensor light. 

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

For outdoor sensor lights, you’ll be looking for something on the sturdier and brighter side of things. Here are some options to consider

The LeonLite

With a whopping 180° detection angle and its 70-foot range, the LeonLite security light is a great example of what outdoor sensor lights could be. 

It also features a dual-spotlight system that is powered via a cable. That does mean additional steps to placement but the LeonLite itself is low-maintenance. Keep it in the rain and things will be fine-as long as your wires are weather-proof too)

Sunforce Solar Motion Light

As we said earlier, solar motion sensor lights aren’t any weaker than their wired counterparts. Sunforce’s Solar Motion Light is a great example of this fact, with its 1200 lumen output through the 180 LEDs used in the system. 

A bonus of having a solar-powered light is that placement will be a breeze. Stick the motion sensor light anywhere you feel needs a little more security. It’s got a 30-foot range so you shouldn’t have to worry about trespassers. 

URPOWER Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Portability doesn’t typically come to mind when thinking of motion sensor lights, but there are options available for those who require this factor to be met. The URPOWER Outdoor motion sensor light is small, hassle-free, and very bright. 

URPOWER’s custom-made wiring scheme lets them balance output and durability. That means you can rely on these motion sensor lights for a long time. 

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Motion Sensor Lights

BAXIA’s motion sensor lights are small, bright, and versatile. They may be small, but considering they come in 4s at a lower price than the rest means you can have more of these around your backyard. 

Don’t let their size fool you though. Each one of these lights is packing a panel of 28 LEDs triggered by a motion sensor that covers a 120° area. Place these along the outside of your house for added safety and security.

Heath Zenith Decorative Security Light

Seeing Heath Zenith’s 4-sided motion sensing light will confuse a lot of people. It’s the most decorative of the bunch, which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who are picky with what they add to their home. 

Thankfully, this option doesn’t sacrifice function. It’s got a 30-foot range that should be more than enough for most homes. The best part is, it works well with standard 100-watt bulbs that we’re familiar with.

Best Indoor Motion Sensor Light

We’re going to go ahead and assume that you don’t want large, obnoxious lights for the indoors. On that note, we’ve chosen a few motion sensor lights perfect for discreet but effective placement. 

Mr. Beam’s Wireless Spotlight

Coming in as a cheap and convenient option Mr. Beam’s Wireless spotlight is perfect for both security and convenience. It’s a small device that can fit into most nooks and crannies. Also, it’s battery-powered. 

What you then get is a portable motion sensor light that can provide a ton of light indoors. It should be noted that these lights are also rated for the full weather exposure. 

Yurnero 80 LED Ultra Bright

This indoor motion sensor light takes its power from C batteries that are kept useful for a long time thanks to LED technology. Just turn it on and slap it on your ceiling.

Yurnero’s motion sensor light also comes with a photocell sensor. Using this will allow your light to turn itself off during the daytime and on during the night. 

Simplisafe Motion Sensor

When we say that this light is portable, we mean portable. The Simplisafe Motion Sensor is the smallest motion light sensor of the group. It’s so small, it fits on shelves and most tabletops. The twist is that the sensor is a separate product from the light itself. 

This one is more for convenience than anything else. The motion sensor component can be placed in strategic spots for those times you need to navigate your house in the dark.

Motion Sensor Lights in A Nutshell

The bottom line here is, there’s a sensor for most applications. 

As long as you can figure out where you want them and for what reason, choosing one should be an easy task.

Have you ever used any of these lights? Do you have any more questions about what lights to pick? Let us know your thoughts on the product down in the comments! 

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