Practical Gadgets for Home Safety

Last updated: March 22, 2022


As a homeowner, you want to ensure that every inch of your premises is safe for you and your household. Security measures are crucial in the comfort and safety of your home. Luckily, modern security technology is not only effective but also very much accessible. 

Here are some gadgets you should consider investing in to ensure that your home is safe and secure. These are very easy to install and are quite cost-effective considering how useful they are.

Window Motion Sensors

While doors are the most common portals through which people will enter or exit your home, you never know who or even what makes its way through your windows. Even the smallest window will allow wildlife to intrude. And needless to say, bigger windows can allow for human entry as well.

You can install extra-secure locks or bars on the outside of your most risky windows, but if you want something more subtle, then window motion sensors should do the trick. These are installed on the inside of your windows and they will get triggered when an intrusion occurs. You can connect the motion sensors to your home’s security system, so in case of an intrusion, the authorities will be contacted immediately. 

Cell Signal Booster

Having a stable cell phone connection is a matter of utmost security. While this will not protect your home from intrusions, a mobile signal booster will ensure that you have a way to contact for help in case of emergencies, such as a big storm. Storms are not simply dangerous because of their immediate effect on a particular area. 

Say a violent storm has ravaged a rural residential area and has partially disrupted communication. If there is an emergency in your home at this time and you don’t have a way to call for help, you’ll be in a very dangerous situation. But by having a mobile booster, you can ensure that you can receive and make calls. This way, even if some of the phone lines are damaged, you can still make calls in case you need help.

Another common problem for those living in rural areas is they regularly have a weak cell connection. This is quite common with homes that are very far from the nearest cell tower. A mobile signal booster can amplify the incoming and outgoing calls, stabilizing the connection, and allowing you to hear the person on the other end. The device captures weak cell signals, amplifies them, and disperses them throughout your home. Depending on the type of booster you purchase, it will cover a certain radius of your home.

So, if you live in a particularly large house, consider purchasing a mobile signal booster that will cover the entirety of your home, so that you won’t have to switch rooms every time you need to make a call. Your connection with the outside world will keep you safe in emergency situations. Make sure to install one if you experience a weak cell signal to ensure that it’s always stable enough to make and receive calls in any situation.

Smart Door Locks

Smart technology has made its way into various aspects of our lives. Today, there’s no home appliance or installation that doesn’t have a smart variant. But while many of these may seem gimmicky and offer very small practical value, smart door locks are a great way to integrate smart security with your home. 

By installing a smart lock on a particular door, you can not simply lock and unlock it with your phone, but you can also keep track of when it opens. This is especially useful if you have children around the house who like to sneak out. When the smart lock is opened, your smart device will notify you, so you will stay in the know.

Also, you can even customize the settings of your smart locks and who has access to what room. So, for example, if you don’t want your kids getting into a room with dangerous DIY equipment, you can set the smart lock to prevent them from getting in. 

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