Phone System With Intercom: Is It Worth It?

Last updated: December 7, 2022


You may always have your phone with you, but even with quick access to texts and calls, intercom systems still provide numerous use cases in modern times. A phone system with intercom is a type of electronic communication system commonly found in hospitals, schools, office spaces, and even in most homes. An intercom system allows people in different rooms to communicate with each other in an instant with a simple press of a button.

In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of having a phone system with an intercom and the things you should consider before buying one. 

What Is A Door Phone Intercom

A door phone intercom is a type of door entry system that allows homeowners to control property access using a telephone device installed in their house.

It works similarly to a home wireless intercom system. Door phone intercom hardware is placed in certain rooms and contains a handset that homeowners use to communicate with guests at their property’s entrance.

The door phone communicates with an outdoor device installed at the home’s entrance. The system uses wiring to connect each in-house door phone to the front entry hardware to relay signals. Users can call guests and confirm their identity before allowing entry.

Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Phone System With Intercom

Intercom systems are becoming increasingly popular not only in businesses but also in regular households. When purchasing an intercom system, it is best to consider certain factors. The suggestions below will assist you in selecting the appropriate intercom system that suits your needs. 

  1. Set a budget. Setting a budget is an important step before buying an intercom system. The type, model, brand, and features of a phone system with intercom will be determined mostly by the amount of money you are willing to spend. 
  1. Know the basics. Different brands may have different systems, but their fundamental components are the same. In general, a phone intercom system consists of the following basic parts:
    1. Master station
    2. Sub-stations
    3. Power supply
    4. Internal storage (optional)
  1. Determine the desired communication range. Different phone intercom systems have varying ranges, with some reaching more than 1,000 feet. The range of your phone system with intercom is determined by its use and function, which can differ from room to room, floor to floor, and even from one building to another.
  1. Check compatibility with your property’s structure. The intercom system’s capacity to produce acceptable sound quality is dependent on the wiring of your building. Thick walls, for example, may interfere with hardwiring procedures and prevent your intercom system from working effectively.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Phone System With Intercom 

Why You Should Get A Phone System With Intercom

Wireless intercom systems are designed to be a low-maintenance and high-performance alternative to a classic phone system with intercom. However, phone intercom systems have their own security advantages over wireless devices. Below are some of them:

Avoid Tampering

Unlike a wireless intercom system, a phone intercom system does not require the use of a distributed series of nodes to communicate. This eliminates the probability of tampering by removing one of those nodes. 

No Eavesdropping

Phone intercom systems do not broadcast over standard radio frequencies or wireless technologies to communicate. Instead, they function with the use of wires, so eavesdropping would be the least of your concerns. That said, this type of intercom system is fundamentally secure. 

Reliable Power Source

Most wireless intercom systems rely on batteries as their main power source. This provides flexibility and easier installation. However, batteries often die out without prior notice, which could lead to serious consequences. Phone systems with intercoms, on the other hand, utilize the electrical wiring of your house for its power. Unless there is a power outage, your phone intercom system will not fail. 

Extensive Range

The range of a wireless intercom system is relatively limited. Unless the power is increased (reducing battery life) and the receivers and transmitters have a relatively unobstructed line of sight (transmissions will have difficulty passing through metal, for example), you’ll be limited to a very constrained range. However, since phone intercom systems rely on hardwiring, their range depends on the length of wire installed. This provides you with a more extensive range and increased security.

Increased Convenience

A phone intercom system allows users to communicate with one another with just a simple press of a button. When you realize how useful and convenient an intercom system is, you’ll wonder how you got by without one. Here are just a few of the most common uses of phone intercom systems:

  • Can tell your kids dinner is ready without hassle
  • Inform your husband from his garage that he has an urgent phone call
  • As a safety device for seniors who can’t get around as well as they used to
  • Tell someone in your shop’s storage room to bring inventory upfront
  • Request additional assistance with customers in your store

Intercom systems are the obvious choice for a dependable security system as they provide a number of additional security features. Discover the best intercom system with video for your home in this Security Forward article.

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