How To Keep Spiders Off Of Security Cameras

Last updated: November 19, 2023


Spiders love spinning their webs around mounted CCTV cameras. You might not notice it, but an excessive amount of cobwebs around security cameras compromises the system’s efficacy. Spider webs can block the camera lens and motion sensors. Moreover, standard tactics to repel bugs might not always work on resilient, adaptable spiders.

You don’t need a full-scale pest control session to remove a few spiders. Simple tricks like rubbing the camera mount with Vaseline, spraying the area with bug spray, disabling the LED lights, or wrapping a flea collar around the camera mount drives away spiders.

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How To Keep Spiders From Spinning Cobwebs Around Your Security Cameras

Bolster your pest control strategy with these simple yet effective tips to keep spiders away from your indoor and outdoor security cameras:

  • Frequently spray bug repellent around the establishment. Spray organic, chemical-free bug repellent around the area at least once every two or three days.
  • Make your cameras more slippery with lubricant. Spiders cannot spin cobwebs on slippery surfaces, so rub Vaseline all over the CCTV camera mount. Of course, avoid smearing Vaseline on the lens.
  • Wrap a flea collar around your CCTV camera. Take a brand-new flea collar. Wrap it around the base of your security cameras, then secure it with some wire. This tip might sound silly, but it works.

Maximize your pest control strategy by pairing it with regular cleaning. Bugs thrive in dirty environments. If you haven’t dusted the walls or polished the floors in a while, perform a general cleaning session first. No pest control tactic can compensate for poor cleaning habits. Learn about common interference causes on security cameras to ensure uninterrupted surveillance

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