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How To Keep Bugs Away From Security Cameras

You may have noticed bugs or spider webs covering your security camera’s lens and blocking the camera’s view. Not only do they obstruct the view, but they can also trigger false alarms for motion-activated cameras. 

Since insects are drawn to the light emitted by your camera, spiders construct webs there searching for an easy meal, obscuring your security systems. You can easily get rid of them by: 

  • Switching off the LED lights
  • Using bug sprays
  • Cleaning your camera regularly 
  • Using lubricants
  • Blowing away the bugs 
  • Using dryer sheets

Ways To Keep Bugs Away From Your Security Cameras

We’ve compiled a list of the most efficient ways to keep your cameras bugs and spider web-free.

Switching LED Lights Off

Because bugs are attracted to light, your camera’s LED lights serve as an invitation for them. So, disable the LED lights on your camera if possible to avoid attracting bugs.

Using Bug Sprays

You can use a bug spray or insecticide to protect your outdoor security camera against bugs and spider webs. The smell alone will keep them as far away as possible.

Cleaning The Cameras Regularly 

Along with protecting your cameras from bugs and spider webs, you should clean them regularly with a soft brush, removing any existing bugs or webs from the housing, camera exterior, shield, or cover.

Using Lubricants

Another effective way for keeping bugs away from your camera is to make it challenging for them to land and stick on it. Using lubricants such as silicon, Vaseline, or Teflon spray to make your camera slippery is very effective in discouraging them. Before spraying, cover your camera lens and only apply a thin layer.

Blowing Away The Bugs

Keep bugs and spiders away from your camera by using a fan. The fan’s wind will inhibit spiders from spinning webs and will help keep bugs away.

Using Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are helpful for more than just laundry. You can use a rubber band to secure them to the exterior of your cameras. In addition, the dryer sheet’s strong aroma will assist in repelling insects.

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