How To Loop Security Cameras

Last updated: March 24, 2024

In the movies, thieves often get away with big heists by looping their target establishment’s security cameras. They make it look so easy, but is it really possible? Unfortunately, yes. Anyone with advanced tech and editing skills can loop still images or videos into existing security cameras.

Crooks have to unplug the cameras and redirect them to a hacking software program to loop a security camera system. Afterward, they will cut the live feed and replace it with the looped clip. The footage needs sufficient clips and images to avoid looking like an obvious loop. Also, loops using IP cameras require hacking the SSL.

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How To Prevent Hackers From Looping Your Security Cameras

With cybercriminals attacking every 39 seconds, you would do well to bolster your security system. Eliminate any risk of compromising your security cameras by:

  • Equipping the cameras with an alarm. Set your security cameras to go off if anyone unplugs its cables.
  • Hiring on-premise Guards. While technologically adept hackers can hijack security cameras, doing so requires a lot of effort. Crooks cannot finish the process if guards are roaming the premises.
  • Position the cameras properly. Mount your security cameras in a hidden, hard-to-reach location so that crooks cannot hijack the hardware device.

Overall, limit the number of people who can access your security cameras. Granting authority to multiple users compromises the system’s reliability. As much as possible, only a handful of people should even know the location of your cameras.

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