Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Your Home in 2024

Last updated: January 5, 2024

A security camera mounted outside your home is a great way to keep your family and property safe. By the mere fact that they are present, potential burglars are deterred. There are many choices regarding the best battery-operated camera available, regardless of whether you are looking to add to an existing surveillance system or just looking for some affordable home security options with continuous video recording capabilities. A few of our picks range from the classic dome camera to the high-tech options that offer top-notch HD video in 1080p resolution and are powered by solar panels or through battery power.

The video quality is continuously improving among the many different security camera options available on the market. The features now included in most wireless cameras include night vision and a motion sensor. Some models also have two-way audio, free cloud storage, infrared LEDs, floodlights, spotlights, outdoor Wi-Fi cameras, and facial recognition capabilities. You may also be able to view footage in real-time or from the archives over a mobile device using a smartphone app.

There are a variety of doorbells and smart security cameras that can be connected to your existing smart home setup, from which you can monitor them from your phone, which will let you see what is happening. You are only a few wireless home security cameras away from being able to set up a fully functional security system that maximizes your safety.

Although technological capabilities are one part of the battle, they are not the whole story. Unlike an indoor camera, a good outdoor camera must withstand rain, wind, snow, and other weather changes and still be able to handle continuous recording of watchable footage regardless of the weather condition. For a mobile outdoor camera, select a no glow trail camera, one that can endure various weather conditions.

The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

What is the best way to build your own outdoor security camera system? Are you ready to take the plunge? Many types of weather-resistant floodlight cameras are available on the market today, so we’ve tested a lot of them to come up with this shortlist of the best outdoor surveillance cameras you can get for your home and budget.

Arlo Pro 4

It’s hard to believe that Arlo’s latest Pro series camera packs so many advanced features into such a small package. Aside from its 2K HDR high-resolution video and 160-degree field of view, it features two-way talk, night vision, a spotlight, and a built-in siren, and it is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

This camera is a powerhouse despite its price premium over super-affordable options like Wyze Cam V3. With a $3 per month subscription, you can get smart alerts, person alerts, motion detector capabilities, event history for 30 days, and more. With this wireless outdoor security camera, you can record videos directly from your home security system and upload them to your Arlo Base Station for multiple days of storage. This is a convenient way to secure your videos. For most people, the Arlo Pro 4 is a fantastic Wireless security camera with many smart features.

Wyze Cam

Among Wyze’s smart home devices is the Wyze Cam, which is a solid, affordable device. Additionally, these affordable removable battery-powered wireless security cameras feature HD live streaming and motion/person detection alerts, plus two weeks of free cloud video storage and a built-in microSD card slot for local video storage. Unlike the last generation Wyze Cam, this model has a customizable motion detection zone, two-way audio, infrared night vision, and a wider field of view than the previous model. Depending on usage, this outdoor camera can last between three and six months between charges due to its long battery life and rechargeable batteries.

Arlo Video Doorbell

With its long list of features and competitive cloud storage plans, Arlo Video Doorbell performs well as a security camera. With the optional cloud service subscription, you’ll be able to receive alerts on people, animals, vehicles, and packages.

Moreover, this smart buzzer can be easily installed and features two-way audio, motion detection zones, an arm/disarm mode, and a built-in siren. The Arlo Video Doorbell is powered by rechargeable batteries that last up to six months before they need to be recharged.

Arlo Go 2

You should opt for a cellular-connected camera if you plan on keeping watch over a place where Wi-Fi won’t work. These two weatherproof cameras include SIM card slots for cellular connectivity and similar features, such as color night vision and customizable motion alerts, making them your best options. Eufy 4G Starlight Cam costs slightly less than Eufy 4G Starlight Cam, though they’re both around $250.

The two performed well when tested out, and both have advantages. The Go 2 is our favorite here primarily because it has a MicroSD card slot to expand local storage. You get 8GB of built-in storage instead of a MicroSD card slot on Eufy’s LTE camera. It’s an excellent value if you don’t want to buy a MicroSD card for the camera, but it also means you have a limited amount of local storage, and if you want to store additional video footage on Eufy’s servers, you’ll have to pay monthly subscription fees.

Furthermore, there is another key difference between the Eufy 4G Starlight Cam and the Arlo Go 2: the former can connect over both LTE and Wi-Fi, while the latter can only connect via LTE. This makes the Go 2 the more versatile of the two cameras and can help you reduce your LTE data usage by leveraging your home’s Wi-Fi signal to reduce the amount of data downloaded over LTE.

How we test home security cameras

The evaluation of any home security product begins with hands-on testing. As far as security cameras are concerned, we place particular emphasis on resolution, night vision, latency, extra features, performance, and value. Over one week, we evaluate these elements in the context of a real home environment.

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