What Type Of Cable Is Used For Security Cameras?

Last updated: November 19, 2023


Are you planning to install your home security cameras yourself? If so, then familiarize yourself with the correct cables to use for your preferred device. Setting up the wrong wires may compromise footage quality. In the worst case, an incorrectly installed CCTV camera system could even stop working altogether.

Security camera systems use siamese or Plug and Play (PnP) cables. Most cameras only accommodate one of these two cables, so you cannot interchange between them any time you want. You have to use one type of cable right from the get-go. PnP cables are easy to install and flexible, while siamese wires are durable and heavily shielded. 

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Plug and Play Cables v.s. Siamese Cables

Should you get PnP or siamese cables for your CCTV? These wires feature varying pros and cons, which you should understand to maximize the features of your security system.

Plug and Play Cables (PnP)

PnP cables have a simple structure that requires minimal expertise to install. Almost anyone can set up these cables. However, note that PnP cables do not have the durability or reach to connect distances upward of 150 feet.

Siamese Cables

The most prominent advantage of using siamese cables is their reach. Analog CCTV cameras can transmit signals at a maximum distance of 700 feet, but using a coaxial or siamese cable extends the signal to 3,000 feet. However, keep in mind that installing siamese cables requires some technical knowledge. Additionally, don’t forget to take precautions to keep spiders from security cameras, which can disrupt their operation.

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