The Best Home Alarm Systems With Monitoring Capabilities

Last updated: December 13, 2022


Businesses and residential properties without an alarm system are 4.5 times more likely to fall prey to burglary. An interview of 86 inmates who committed burglary found that most perpetrators would be discouraged by an alarm going off. 

At least 60% of crooks would also seek an alternative target if an alarm is present. Outdoor surveillance cameras and alarm systems are 50% to 53% effective as deterrence measures.   

Achieving peace of mind through a robust home security system doesn’t have to be pricey or difficult. Consisting of several other components, such as monitoring and recording devices, audio and video alarms, motion sensors, flood lights, and others, home alarm systems can do more than keep watch on your home 24/7. 

To help you decide which system fits your needs, we compiled a list of things you should carefully consider before purchasing one for your home. Read on to know more.

How To Choose A Home Security System

Home security systems continue to evolve and become increasingly more affordable. With numerous options available in the market today, it’s easy to get confused. Below are some questions you can ask to trim down your options. 

What Is The Purpose?

Before choosing the security system, you want to install, ask yourself first what you want to protect. Do you simply wish for a security camera that can patrol your porch 24/7, or do you also want a security system that monitors your kids? 

What Is Your Budget?

Depending on the security features and monitoring services, home security systems may range from $199 to $399. 

What Home Security Features Do You Want?

In today’s market, high-tech security systems offer more than just surveillance cameras, glass break detectors, and burglar alarms. Some are capable of intelligent home automation, which allows your security system to connect and control other parts of your house. 

Some also come with environmental monitoring capabilities, such as smoke alarms, pipe freeze detectors, and leak detectors.  

Top Alarm Systems Of 2022

We compiled a list of the industry’s leading companies to help you better decide which system is best for your home.

1. Simplisafe


With high customer ratings across numerous customer review forums, Vivint is the best overall pick for a home security system. Aside from its compatibility with many smart home products, Simplisafe also offers award-winning protection that is highly customizable. 

It can come in a range of 8-piece to 12-piece equipment packages, which includes wireless outdoor ultra-wide view cameras, motion sensors, entry sensors and alarms, and more.  

2. Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm

Ring offers a unique approach to their security and monitoring systems. It provides improved smart home compatibility through its Ring App. 

A nice addition to the Ring Alarm 8-piece kit is the “Alexa Guard” feature, wherein you can arm or disarm your broken glass or smoke alarms using your voice. It also comes with an intuitive keypad with emergency buttons and contact sensors which are easy to install. 

3. ADT


ADT has been in the security industry for over 145 years already, which is why most people across several platforms feel confident in their products. ADT offers top-of-the-line security solutions, including base systems, entry sensors, motion detectors, remote keychains for smart locks, and self-monitoring capabilities through their app. 

It can also synch with Google Assistant, Alexa, and other smart home devices, allowing for total home control. 

4. Abode


The selling point of Abode is its high-customizability. With their home security systems, you can choose only the products and services you want at competitive prices. They are also highly compatible with numerous smart home devices and systems, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. 

Their All-in-One Security includes an integrated camera for video monitoring, motion sensors, a key fob, and a siren. They also provide the option for professional monitoring for as low as 60 cents per day for automatic dispatching of emergency services if needed. 

5. Wyze


Wyze offers quality home security systems at budget-friendly prices. They provide their basic services and systems with no contracts or activation fees. Although, the Wyze Home Security System Sense v2 requires a contract for their 24/7 professional monitoring. This feature gives you fast emergency dispatch in the event of an emergency. 

It also comes with DIY-install Indoor and Outdoor wireless cameras. Wyze also offers 100 additional sensors for your home’s windows and doors. However, it is only compatible with a few smart home devices and is limited in its voice assistant capacities. 

Don’t know how to install a home security system by yourself? Check out this Security Forward article today and learn more.

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