Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe Review: A Secure Bet?

The Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe, known for its sturdiness and user-friendliness, offers a practical solution for securing valuables, documents, and small items. This 0.5-cubic-foot safe features solid steel construction, a carpeted floor, pry-resistant hinges, and an electronic keypad with manual key backup. Despite lacking water resistance and an alarm, its spacious interior, easy programming, and included mounting hardware, along with its affordability and reliable customer service, make it a favored choice for basic security needs.

This review explores the Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe. Find out how it can prove Ideal for securing valuables.

Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe And Lock Box Overview

The Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe, rated 4.6 stars, provides reliable protection for valuables with its alloy steel build, carpeted floor, and pry-resistant design. It features an electronic lock with two override keys for emergency access and is easy to mount with pre-drilled holes and hardware. While not water-resistant, it offers ample storage with an adjustable interior shelf. The need for battery replacement (batteries not included) is offset by the backup key system. Its size and weight strike a balance between portability and theft deterrence, making it a practical option for securing personal items.

Secure your peace of mind by considering this safe as a worthy addition to your home or office security measures. 

Key Features

When looking for a safe to keep your valuables secure, the array of features offered can be the determining factor in your purchasing decision. 

Electronic Keypad

One of the stand-out features of the safe is its electronic keypad. It offers a digital solution to secure belongings, requiring a personalized passcode for access. Three LED indicator lights provide feedback during operation, such as confirming correct passcode entry or warning of low battery. Additionally, to avoid lockout situations, two manual override keys are provided for use in case of forgotten passcodes or battery failure.

Construction Quality

The build quality of the safe reflects its purpose to deter unauthorized access and protect contents against physical attacks. Composed of alloy steel, it exhibits strong resistance to tampering with concealed, pry-resistant hinges. Moreover, despite not being water-resistant, the unit is designed to be substantial yet not overly heavy, weighing in at just over 18 pounds.

Interior Design

Functionality extends to the safe’s interior, which features a carpeted floor to prevent potential scratches and damage to the stored items. The added convenience of an adjustable and removable shelf lends itself to better organization inside the 0.5-cubic-feet space, allowing for the storage of items of varying sizes while keeping them protected and easily accessible.

Mounting Options

Flexibility in terms of installation comes from the multiple mounting options. Pre-drilled holes and the inclusion of four expansion bolts facilitate a secure anchoring to walls, floors, or shelves, which not only prevents physical removal of the safe but also provides users with the freedom to position it wherever they deem most convenient and discreet within their space.

Pros And Cons

Electronic lock with 3 operation lights and 2 emergency keysBattery reliance for electronic keypad necessitates maintenance
Durable, strong steel constructionNeed to securely store override keys to prevent security risks
Carpeted floor and pry-resistant hinges for added protectionNot ideal for those seeking a heavier, more permanent fixture
Adjustable/removable shelf for organized storageDoor thickness may not satisfy those needing thicker safes
Pre-drilled mounting holes and bolts for versatile placement18.26-pound weight may not suit those needing extreme portability or immovability
High customer satisfaction and positive reviews

Ease Of Use

The Amazon Basics Security Safe is praised for its ease of use, featuring an intuitive electronic keypad for simple code setting and entry. It includes backup keys for added convenience in case of forgetfulness or battery issues. Ideal for renters or immediate security needs, its portable 0.5-cubic-foot size is versatile for storing a variety of items, from jewelry to documents. While its setup is straightforward, some users suggest the need for a more robust anchoring system to enhance its stationary security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we tackle some common queries potential customers might have about the security features and functionalities of the Amazon Basics Safe.

How reliable is the steel construction of the Amazon Basics Security Safe in terms of break-in resistance?

The safe’s steel construction provides a robust barrier against unauthorized access. Its design includes concealed hinges that are resistant to prying, enhancing its defense against break-in attempts. However, while the steel body is a deterrent to forced entry, it’s important to note that no safe is impervious to all break-in strategies, especially when advanced tools are used by experienced intruders.

Can the Amazon Basics Security Safe withstand fire and water damage?

The safe is not advertised as being fire-resistant or waterproof. Its alloy steel construction provides a degree of durability, but it is not designed to protect contents against fire or water damage. Users should take this into account when storing valuable or sensitive items.

What should I do if the electronic keypad on the Amazon Basics Safe is unresponsive?

If the electronic keypad is unresponsive, check the batteries as they might need to be replaced. If new batteries do not resolve the issue, the next step is to use one of the two override keys provided upon purchase. To prevent this situation, always keep the override keys in a secure, yet accessible location separate from the safe.

Who is the manufacturer responsible for the creation of Amazon Basics Security Safes?

Amazon Basics Security Safes are a product of Amazon, a company known for its expansive range of consumer goods. The safes are manufactured in China and are part of the company’s commitment to deliver quality and value to consumers.

How does the backup key function work if I’m unable to access the safe using the electronic keypad?

Each Amazon Basics Security Safe comes with two emergency override keys which allow access to the safe in situations where the electronic keypad is inoperable or when the user has forgotten the code. The keyhole is usually concealed to not compromise the security aesthetics; however, it’s accessible for emergencies. Owners should store these keys in a hidden and secure place that is not near the safe for maximum security efficiency.

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

The Amazon Basics Security Safe’s solid construction, ease of use, and compact size make it suitable for securing items like cash, jewelry, and documents. Its combination of personal code setting and a backup key provides security and convenience. While it’s a reliable and affordable choice, particularly for first-time safe buyers, it may not meet the needs of those seeking higher security solutions. Overall, its blend of affordability, functionality, and user-friendliness positions it as a practical option for protecting personal valuables.

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