Hidden Gun Safes: How to Keep Your Firearms Safe and Accessible


Home invasion is one of the vortexes that gun owners have to contend with. Establishing a balanced ground between access (in case of an invasion) and safety (stored away from kids) is paramount.

The design, interior and exterior dimensions, the material used, and the weight of the safe plus the type of lock are the important aspects that you should consider while choosing the safe. These factors will dictate how well you’ll be able to keep your gun safe and accessible at the same time.

Where to Keep Your Firearm Safe and Accessible

Whether you own a pistol, a revolver, a rifle, or any other firearm, you don’t want to put it somewhere visible, yet you still want quick access to it in case of an emergency. Before we talk about these hiding gun spots, it’s important to note that, even when hidden, guns should always be held in a lockbox or a safe. Buying either an electronic, biometric, or mechanical safe that is portable is ideal for placing your gun where no one expects. Below are some ideal hiding spots for your firearms.

  1. Bedside

This sort of safe allows you to move with speed to access the gun quickly in less than 4 seconds. If you have kids you should consider having a child-proof gun safe. To conceal it a bedside gun safe drawer-like is ideal.

  1. Dirty Laundry

No intruder will ever think of perusing through your dirty clothes for a gun; or a child for that matter. This then offers a perfect spot for you to hide your gun and whenever there is intrusion depending on the strategic placement of your dirty clothes bin, you can be able to retrieve it swiftly.

  1. Under The Bed

Under the bed safes are designed to be bolted down for security and quick access. Even though this spot is termed as one of the obvious places to hide your gun, such safes are concealed.  

  1. Food Box

An empty food box is one of the best places to hide your firearm, being one of the least places an invader will think of searching. To repel kids from rummaging through the specific food box with the gun, hide it in a food box they detest and would unlikely open.

  1. Hidden Compartment

Hidden safe compartments are awesome ways to store your firearms, from 40 inches wall safes, clock concealments, and shelf locks, to concealed vaults installed under a desk, on the wall, on a bookcase, or under the bed.

These are aided by pull-outs and secret drawers–providing a high level of security because they are hard to be opened by unauthorized personnel. Other safes come with mounting brackets that allow you to mount on any surface. 

  1. Behind Air Vent

Air vents pose as one of the best locations to hide your firearm, given that though they are found in every home they are hardly noticed. In order to hide your gun in plain sight, place your gun in an overlooked location.

Hidden vents compartment safes are not only simple to install but are super discrete and equipped with backup batteries.

Worst Places to Hide Your Gun

You shouldn’t put firearms in places where they may attract threats from intruders or where accidents may be susceptible like under the pillow, in a glass container, mounted on the wall, or in your closet (unless concealed or in a hidden compartment). 

Even children are capable of finding unlocked guns in the home, and they are strong enough to pull the trigger. According to a survey, an estimated 4.6 million kids in the U.S. live with unlocked, loaded guns in their homes. Therefore, you should ensure that your safe is installed in a perfect, concealed spot and that you have bolted it. For extra protection avoid having a gun that can be easily used by kids, and add effective, child-resistant gun locks to the gun safe. 

Always keep your gun unloaded. You can also consider storing the gun and the ammo separately but in close proximity for accessibility or you can opt for a trigger lock. This locks out any unauthorized person from loading and using the gun.

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