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3 Best Tasers For Women

In today’s world, it is crucial to safeguard yourself against dangerous situations and malicious people. For this reason, having self-defense weaponry becomes more and more crucial. Electroshock weapons, such as tasers, are amazing devices you could use to protect yourself from attackers and ensure your safety anywhere you go. 

They are widely used by enforcement officers and civilians alike. In fact, tasers are used 904 times per day worldwide, or about once every two minutes. However, picking the right one can be challenging.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s critical to select one that best works for you. Tasers specifically made for women are widely available in the market today, as well as units that are simple to conceal in your pockets or purse.

To assist you in selecting the best taser for your needs, we have put together this list of the best tasers for women, along with a mini-guide on what to consider when buying one. 

What To Look For In A Taser

Choosing the best taser for yourself requires a basic understanding of the many features a taser usually has. While there are several other important factors to be considered when choosing one that suit your needs, below are some basic things you should keep in mind: 


The size of the stun gun is the most crucial aspect you need to be certain of. Ensure that it is portable and compact so you can take the taser device wherever you want. Also, consider whether the product is lightweight, so it’s more convenient to carry and conceal, which also allows for easy use. 


Keep in mind that the electric shocks from the taser device are what mostly deter intruders from approaching you. So, always research adequately to find out the power and potency of your chosen taser. A general rule, however, is to choose a taser with at least 50,000 volts for enough debilitating shock.  


There’s another key factor in whether a taser device is likely to incapacitate someone — distance. Tasers are typically designed to work best at a specific range from the target. If you are too far away, you’ll likely miss the shot. Choosing a taser that can shoot up to 15 feet away is recommended, allowing you enough distance to incapacitate an attacker.

Top 3 Picks For The Best Tasers For Women

There are numerous options available in the market today. However, we have put together a list of the best tasers for women to help you decide which one fits your needs. 

Taser Pulse+

Taser Pulse+

The Taser Pulse+ self-defense weapon satisfies the defensive need of women. This super taser device is portable, light, and astonishingly effective. Additionally, a safety mechanism and laser sight are included with this device to assist first-time users to be more accurate. The Taser Pulse+ can also hit an attacker from a distance of 15 feet. Once hit, the attacker is rendered disabled for 30 seconds, which gives you enough time to flee or call for help. 

Long rangeExpensive replacement cartridges
Lightweight (0.5 lbs)Non-rechargeable batteries
1-year warranty policyNot legal in all 50 states

Taser Bolt 2

Taser Bolt 2

The Taser Bolt 2 electroshock weapon is the newest energy self-defense device by Taser. It features two live cartridges that can shoot up to 15 feet of distance, allowing you to have a safe space from the attacker. Unlike the other previous Taser models, the Taser Bolt 2 is capable of a full muscle lock-up, which means that it can immobilize an attacker for up to 30 seconds, giving you more time to flee for safety. Additionally, its best feature is its discreet design. It looks like a flashlight allowing you to conceal and carry it without alarming people. This taser’s flashlight has 210 Lumens of light, giving you extra protection at night or in dimly lit places. 

Weather-resistantNo precision-guided lasers
Replaceable batteryExpensive replacement cartridges
Textured grip for anti-slipLower voltage capacity

Taser X1 (Professional Series)

Taser X1 (Professional Series)

The Taser X1 is a powerful personal protection device that comes packed with all the technology you would want in one small and handy taser device. It is capable of neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI), which temporarily limits an attacker’s central nervous system for 5 seconds. The cartridges used in X1 are also designed to shoot up to 15 feet, providing ample space to make a safe escape. Like the Pulse+, the Taser X1 also boasts a safety switch and a built-in laser to enhance accuracy by allowing the user to see exactly where the problem will make contact. 

Multi-useHigh-cost replacement cartridges
CompactNon-rechargeable batteries
With built-in LED flashlightExpensive

If you are interested in possessing an electroshock weapon, first check out this other article by Security Forward discussing what states allow stun guns in 2022. 

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