How to Choose Panasonic Microwave Oven: Tips and Tricks


Modern customers can appreciate the capabilities of Panasonic microwave ovens. Depending on the model, this is a built-in grill and the ability to defrost your food quickly and remote or touch control. The model range of this manufacturer is very widely represented due to the constant release of new samples. Despite all its advantages, Panasonic microwave repair can be a very relevant issue.

How to choose a Panasonic microwave?

Almost all microwave ovens of this manufacturer are distinguished by their spaciousness, convenient touch controls, and the presence of automatic programs. This company was one of the first to equip its microwave ovens with an inverter system for uniform distribution of waves. When choosing a Panasonic microwave oven, you should focus on several criteria:

  • The chamber’s internal volume. Today, the manufacturer offers microwave ovens with a chamber volume of 19 to 32 liters. For an ordinary family with children, a 20-27 liter stove will be enough;
  • Power. This figure can vary between 700-1000 Watts. For heating and defrosting products, an oven with a power of 700-800 Watts will be fine. If it is necessary to cook more complex dishes, then more powerful alternatives should be selected;
  • Camera coating. In most Panasonic microwave ovens, the inner surface of the chamber is coated with heat-resistant enamel. It is not as high quality as bioceramics, but it is easy to maintain;
  • Control. There are several types of control — mechanical with rotary switches and electronic (buttons or sensors). In this case, the choice depends only on your personal preferences.

Whatever model you choose, it may happen that your Panasonic microwave will break. In such a case, you don’t need to urgently replace your device but use the Panasonic microwave repair Toronto services. 

Top-5 Panasonic microwaves to choose from

1. NN-GD37HB

This model of the inverter oven will allow not only to defrost food but also become a great assistant for cooking various dishes. The modern touch panel provides simple and convenient operation, and a small display shows all the necessary information. Thanks to the inverter system, food is heated evenly and quickly. In addition, the model is equipped with a grill function and 22 automatic programs. Together with the microwave oven, the kit includes a metal baking sheet, a grill grate, and a glass tray.

2. NN-GD39HS

This model is equipped with Steam Plus Pot technology, which allows you to cook dishes in several ways: steaming, stewing, baking, and frying. Thanks to a powerful grill, dishes acquire a golden brown crust and a juicy middle. The inverter system ensures uniform heating, saves energy, and retains all the benefits of the products. The control is carried out with the help of a touch panel. Also, the device is equipped with 15 recipes for the most popular dishes, which facilitates the cooking process.

3. NN-GT352W

This microwave is manufactured in an elegant white color with black accents. It will perfectly complement the interior of any kitchen and will be an excellent assistant in the household. Touch control allows you to quickly and easily select the desired modes and a small display — to control the cooking process. 9 auto-cooking programs also greatly facilitate the work with the device and save time. Thanks to the presence of a grill in this microwave, you can cook meat, poultry, or fish. The manufacturer has provided protection against children so this microwave oven will be an excellent option for families with kids.

4. NN-SM221W

This microwave does not have many features, but the main advantages include exceptional quality and practicality. Mechanical switches provide convenient and simple operation. Around the two rotary switches, some inscriptions will help the user understand the settings. In addition, the manufacturer took care of safety and equipped the oven with a child lock. The timer for setting the cooking time greatly simplifies the work with the microwave. Thanks to the defrosting function, the products are quickly defrosted while retaining their beneficial properties.

5. NN-GF574M

This model features an innovative Flat&Wide structure which is characterized by the absence of a turntable. Powerful microwaves quickly heat up food, and the grill gives it a golden brown crust. The user can combine the modes at his discretion and cook food even faster. Inverter technology provides uniform heating from all sides, while the products will not overdry. Touch controls provide ease of use. Also, the model is equipped with a child protection function, which makes it safe.

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