How Senior Citizens Can Stay Safe and Protected


As you get older, you are prone to more threats in your daily living, especially your health and your security. As much as seniors want to maintain their independence, most of the responsibility solely lies on their loved ones to ensure they live safely and are well-protected. Luckily, if you are a  senior living independently, there are ways to make your home and your health safe.

1. Accident-Proof Your Home

Your house is where you spend most of your time, so it must meet all safety standards to ensure that you live safely in it. Here are various things to do:

  • Address Trip Hazards – Get rid of loose rugs and hide or cover loose extension cords
  • Prepare Fire Safety – Do the necessary maintenance for safety items to ensure they work efficiently- fire extinguishers and fire and smoke detectors.
  • Get a Grip – Add the necessary features like handrails and rubber mats on the stairs and bathroom to help you move across slippery surfaces.
  • See the Way – Ensure your home is well-lit and clear obstacles
  • Dress Appropriately – wear shoes with solid floor grip and fitting clothes to reduce a fire risk

2. Take Care of Your Health

At this stage in life, it is critical to take your health seriously and give it the total care it needs. If you have already reached your retirement age and no longer have the energy to do a part-time job, you will likely be seated at home most times. 

Exercise minimizes the risk of exposure to diseases due to a deteriorating immune system. Your body will lose strength while you are inactive, exposing you to the risk of falling. You should push yourself to participate in strength and balance workouts to prevent slipping. Ensure that you eat nourishing foods and hydrate. 

3. Review Your Medication

Old age can bring unique experiences for everyone, and at times, it can cause health complications that may require you to be on consistent medication. Some of these drugs may have adverse side effects like dizziness, weakness, or loss of balance which may cause accidents at home, especially if you are not on a good diet. 

At times the doctor cannot replace those medications with other options. Therefore, it is essential to let this known to your caregiver. Additionally, ensure that you take your medicine as you should. An overdose or underdose can be fatal to your health. 

If you are suffering from dementia and living alone, a pill organizer can help you arrange the medication to the correct dosage. A pill organizer can also help you notice when you need to buy a refill of your medication. Buy them in bulk a week before the rest of the medicine gets finished if some drugs could be out of stock.

4. Secure Your Home from Intruders

Seniors are vulnerable to intruders, especially if they live by themselves. Therefore, it is essential to have measures to prevent such episodes by improving your home’s security. Here are things to do:

  • Install automated home devices-install smart locks, alarms, voice-activated or video doorbells, discreet cameras, motion sensor lighting on your property, etc.
  • Always lock the windows and doors.
  • Have solid door locks and a peephole at the front door to prevent you from letting in strangers
  • Hide valuable items from the public eye
  • Ensure your home fencing safeguards you and your property from the public eye

Most importantly, ensure that your alarm is always within reach if you notice any looming danger. An alarm is essential in many more situations, like in a medical emergency or when you need assistance to get back up after a fall. 

5. Guard Yourself Against Fraud

Most seniors do not have the technical know-how to guard against online defrauders who develop new techniques every other day. Fortunately, we have simple tips to help safeguard yourself online:

  • Be quick to hang up on pushy phone solicitors asking for your details, like your credit card information. 
  • Do not open online links from people or sites that you do not know of
  • Do not fall for quick rich money scams or unsolicited offers promising a massive financial return. Do your research before making a substantial financial decision.
  • Use a secure antivirus and firewall to block strangers from accessing your information.
  • Protect yourself from financial abuse through online transactions, including those close to you. Protect your assets early enough by enabling access to only a few of your trusted individuals. An attorney can help you secure your wealth.

6. Have A Strong Social Circle

It is necessary to have a solid social circle around you for your general wellness and security purposes. At least, you will have a variety of contact people in case of an emergency and address the issue at hand as fast as possible. 

Speak to your neighbors as well since they can come in handy to warn you of looming potential danger or raise the alarm during a security breach, whether you are around or not. They can also check on you from time to time to ensure that you are well.

With these simple tips, elderly persons can live comfortably and feel safe. When you are safe, you also give your loved ones peace of mind wherever they are.

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