How to Secure Your Home During Renovation Projects

Last updated: May 2, 2022


All houses require proper maintenance, which may involve improving or renovating the home. Renovations are often massive undertakings that cost much. They also put your home at risk for various reasons. You may have to leave your home until the renovation project is complete.

You may also be forced to move some valuable items from the house. There are also strange people going in and out of your house for the duration of the renovation. Despite all that, you can still keep your home secure during the renovation project by: 

Install Security Measures

You should always ensure your home is as secure as possible. However, a home renovation project presents a chance to review your home’s entire security measures because your home becomes twice as vulnerable during a renovation. A fence is one of the best security measures to protect your home against intruders, and the best is an electric fence. 

An alarm system is another security measure that could deter criminals and protect your property. You may also decide to hire security guards during the duration of the renovation, especially if you plan on tearing down walls which will reduce your home’s security.

Ensuring all the locks are properly functioning is essential to preventing unwanted access to your home when the construction crew is not working. Lighting is another vital aspect of a home security system, as intruders are less likely to attack a well-lit home than a dark one.

Conducting A Background Check On The Contractor

Ensuring that you have a credible contractor working on your renovation project is crucial. There are cases of scammers and evil contractors doing unspeakable things to people while masquerading as contractors.

Ensure that the contractor’s credentials are legit by consulting the appropriate regulatory authorities. If you have someone in the police or security industry, have them conduct an official background check for you.

Consult the contractor’s previous clients to ensure their legitimacy, including their fees. It helps to use a home improvement cost calculator for renovation price estimates. You should also scrutinize their employment process to ensure they hire trustworthy employees. Their reputation should also be immaculate to let them in your house. 

Use Cameras To Monitor The Renovation

You should have already installed security cameras around your home to safeguard it against intruders, but you should before a renovation project if you haven’t.

On the other hand, installing a home surveillance system will increase the renovation cost, which you can estimate using a home improvement calculator. A home surveillance system is an incredibly beneficial tool to monitor the contractors working on your home, especially if you have to vacate the premises.

It will make the workers feel conscious and be wary of doing anything. If they do anything, you will have the footage from the security cameras to support your case. You could even catch a crime in real-time if burglars decide to enter your home during the renovation, increasing the chance of authorities catching them. 

Secure Your Possessions

You should do your best to secure valuable belongings before the renovation project. For starters, a renovation will involve a lot of damage to various parts of the house, and you do not want your belongings to get caught in the crossfire. Therefore, you should remove them from the property if necessary and move them to a secondary storage location. If you cannot move them, you should cover them up nicely and give the contractor adequate instructions for their protection. 

It would be best if you also secured your valuables during a home renovation. If you have a home safe, you should move the contents to a secure location like a safety deposit box, as they are very vulnerable during a renovation. Your belongings are the most valuable part of your house, and you can use a home project cost calculator to estimate the cost of a refurbishment which may include damage to some items. 

Fire Protection

Fire safety is an often forgotten but equally important aspect of home security during a renovation.

Home renovations typically involve using various combustible materials, exposed electrical wires, and other fire hazards that can result in devastating fires. Therefore, you should have a fire detection system to spot any combustion in the house.

Fire extinguishers and a fire alarm system are also good ideas. Ensure the contractor removes any flammable materials at the end of each day during the renovation. 

There is much that can go wrong during a home renovation which is why it is so vital to ensure your home is secure. Ways to keep your home safe include fire protection, security measures, surveillance systems, securing your belongings, and conducting a background check on the contractor. You will have covered the basics if you do that, but there is always more to do. 

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