Where To Locate Security Cameras

Last updated: January 5, 2024

If you are used to checking in at hotels, Airbnbs, or even going to public places like malls, you probably want to ensure your security. It is essential to check if the place you are in has security cameras all over the area to record events if anything terrible happens.

In this article, we will help you locate where security cameras are usually placed. In a nutshell, you can check the: 

  • Main entrance/exit
  • Secondary doors
  • Off-street windows
  • Stairways/hallways

Locating Security Cameras

Here are where you must locate security cameras before going about your day to ensure you are protected at all costs.

Main Entrance/Exit

A security camera at the main entrance/exit keeps track of everyone going in and out of a place, which means you are 100% secured no matter what happens inside a hotel or a mall.

Secondary Doors

Locate security cameras to secondary doors as well to assure complete visibility, primarily if one of them is used as frequently as the main entrance. Having security cameras on secondary doors is just as important as having one at the main since we all know, in particular, that malls have multiple entrance and exit doors.

Off-street Windows

Windows that do not face the busy street or road may be more appealing to thieves due to the absence of prying eyes from the public. Ensure that there are cameras facing off-street windows as an added layer of security, especially if you are staying at a hotel or Airbnb. Never overlook the windows as people may also use them as an entrance.


You may also check if security cameras are located along stairways or hallways. This is to ensure that no one goes between levels or the hallways leading to rooms undetected. They are usually found on the corner of the ceiling. 

Now that you are aware of where to locate security cameras and are wondering what the best corporate cybersecurity measures are, check out Security Forward’s article for more information!

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