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4 Security Measures to Implement During Large-Scale Home Improvement Projects

If you are planning large-scale renovations, consider investing in home security upgrades at the same time. Quality home security can prevent break-ins while also providing peace of mind.

Securing your home is an ongoing process, but the process of a large renovation is the perfect time to consider new home security systems and features. The smarter and more convenient security options available in the world of home security can be easier and more cost-efficient to install while other works are being completed rather than after the fact.

Read on for our top four security measures that will enhance your home, all of which can be included in other major renovations.

Upgrade #1: Smart Home Options

Monitoring and controlling your home’s security from your smartphone, even when you are away from the house, is a very attractive prospect. It’s also entirely possible with the significant range of smart home security products that utilize your home Wi-Fi network to interact remotely with security features through an app. 

From installing motion detectors and door sensors to more comprehensive networks for surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, and more, smart home security should be planned for before major renovations to save you from needing to hide wiring and cameras down the track. We also recommend opting for 24/7 professional monitoring for true peace of mind.

Upgrade #2: Video Analytics

Video content analysis, also referred to as video analytics, is a method to automatically analyze video content using algorithms to carry out a specific task. For example, reading vehicle license plates or watching hours of CCTV footage to search for intruders. 

By integrating video analytics into a wired video survellance system during your larger renovations, you can make it easier to identify incidents across multiple camera feeds over long periods, such as trips away or a work day where you are out of the home. 

Upgrade #3: Upgrade Door Locks with Keyless Entry

Doors are obvious entry points that need to be properly secured. We recommend upgrading these areas during large renovations. This can be done in numerous ways, such as assessing various commercial security door types or changing to keyless entry. 

Avoid dealing with house keys and swap them for a four-digit code that increases your home’s security. Electronic keypad entry systems similar to the ones used in apartment buildings like the Bayou Landing Apartments Gulfport MS 39503 can now provide added security, control, and convenience for residential homes.

Upgrade #4: Create a Safe Room

You don’t need a padded bunker; you can convert any normal room in your house into a safe room during a large renovation. A safe room exists to protect your family from intruders, and you can plan ahead and do this in a way that will not disrupt the design or function of your home.

A safe room upgrade can include a solid core door made of steel or solid wood, a reinforced door frame to keep it firmly in place, and multiple heavy locking knobs, deadbolts, or the aforementioned keyless door lock. You can also consider shatterproof glass if your chosen room has windows, and be sure to include a permanent phone so you don’t need to rely on remembering to bring your cell phone into the room during an emergency to call for help.

Keeping your home security front of mind

We know that your main renovation is a lot more fun, as you are likely upgrading the look and function of your home. Security isn’t as enjoyable to plan (or purchase), but it is incredibly important in your home. The peace of mind you will enjoy, plus the prevention of possible break-ins and theft, will be well-and-truly worth the time and expense (both of which will be lower if you upgrade your security while handling other renovations!).

The Security Forward team will always review the best home security devices and tips so you can find what you need to keep your home safe. Bookmark our page to keep up with the latest releases and news.

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