FAQ on Burglar Alarms: Mechanism, Effectiveness, and Maintenance


Do you really need a burglar alarm? Does it even work?

There are many questions surrounding the use of burglar alarms. Such questions arise because security is everyone’s priority and it gets tricky when it needs to be prioritized and money gets involved in the process. Everyone would have a burglar alarm if it were free and didn’t need any maintenance but such is not the case. Having one entails shelling out money not just one time but every single time for every single day for as long as you use it. And this does not include regular maintenance. Is it worth it? To help you answer the question and arrive at an intelligent conclusion, we will answer frequently asked questions regarding burglar alarms. Knowing the answer to each will help you determine if it’s best for you to invest in a burglar alarm system. 

FAQ on Burglar Alarms: Mechanism, Effectiveness, and Maintenance

How do burglar alarms operate?

Burglar alarms are pretty simple. They are security tools that allow people to conveniently protect their space without the need for extra manpower. When a given space is equipped with a burglar alarm, an alarm would sound off whenever movement is detected at that space at any given time. This is possible through the presence of sensors. Unlike humans that need sleep and rest, sensors can work 24 hours so long as it has power. It can detect suspicious movements at night when everyone is already fast asleep. It is an intuitive and robotic security guard.

To be effective, burglar alarm sensors are placed in entrance and exit areas. The makers of burglar alarms came up with it with the hope that a sounding alarm will discourage and scare away burglars. This is expected because a loud alarm naturally grabs everyone’s attention – it would even wake up people that are asleep.  

Should you have a burglar alarm?

The easy answer is yes. Security should always be your no. 1 priority. With the homicide rate involving domestic and stranger homicides rising in Australia by 16% in the past years, it is best to just simply deploy anything that can protect you and keep you safe. A burglar alarm is an added security protocol that can improve the security and safety of your home so it is a no-brainer to conclude that it can truly help. You need to take note though that opting for a burglar alarm will require you to do the following: 

1. Research – you will need to do serious research on types of burglar alarms and different manufacturers of burglar alarms. You should only opt to use burglar alarms from reputable companies. You need to ensure that the investment is worth your money. You should only work with a trust-worthy burglar alarm installation company.

2. Introspect – you need to have foresight. Can you afford one? Will you be able to afford to sustain the system and its regular maintenance in the years to come? Do you need a more affordable alternative or a better option?

You of course won’t need a burglar alarm system if you already have a running security system or you have no concern whatsoever when it comes to your home’s security and safety. 

Are burglar alarms effective in deterring crimes?

There is no definite answer to this question as burglar alarms have different effects on different people. A burglar alarm can truly deter anyone from invading your house. This is the case if we’re talking about an individual who easily panics and easily gets scared. One blaring alarm sound can instantly make such an individual run off. However, you need to take note that there are different kinds of individuals. Some individuals do not panic at all when they hear burglar alarms. Experienced criminals even ignore them. 

So in truth, it is not a question of effectiveness or not. It’s a question of, do you simply want to install additional security measures in your space or not. 

Will installing a burglar alarm benefit your home insurance?

Yes, it’s possible for you to get a discount on your home insurance if you’d have a burglar alarm installed. This is the case because the insurance business is all about risk. The higher the risk, the higher the insurance premium. What happens when one installs a burglar alarm system is that one’s risk of suffering from any form of crime or damage gets significantly lower. Hence, the risk would be lesser. Naturally, you’d be required to pay less. You’d be able to get a discount.

How does one go about burglar alarm maintenance?

Once a burglar alarm is properly installed, one needs to have it undergo service at least once a year. Such a service will have professionals test your entire system. They will check if all your sensors are working and are duly capable of emitting signals for alarms. They will also check on the following:

  • signs of dampness on any part of your system that can cause significant damage
  • the function of all fuses
  • alarm log
  • batteries – battery-powered alarms need to be checked at least twice a year to avoid running flat

You can also do your own maintenance on a monthly basis. All you’d need to do is check if all plugs are duly connected and sensors are duly activated. Consistent maintenance will go a long way. 

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