The Best Smart Home Security System Reviews

Last updated: January 21, 2022


If you’re looking for a home security system, but don’t know where to start. Let us help!

I’ve researched the best Home Security Systems of 2021 that will fit your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at the best smart home security system reviews.

Vivint Smart Home 

Vivint is an innovative home security system that not only provides protection for your property but plenty of automation. You can use Vivint’s products, like video doorbells and cameras, to control devices throughout the house, such as garage doors openers or locks.

Vivint’s security systems are among the most expensive on our list, but you can finance your purchase for a year or two without interest and with no down payment. With Vivint safety systems, there is an option to pay in total upfront rather than choosing monthly plans requiring long-term contracts.


SimpliSafe is a good choice for customers who don’t want to pay more than they have. It is one of the best home security cameras. SimpliSafe started as one of the first companies that offered do-it-yourself home security solutions; it was also among the cheaper options on offer and continues today with 3 million customers in its portfolio, which makes up about half its market share.

SimpliSafe is an inexpensive home security system that offers many features many people will need to feel safe. With installation as professional and straightforward monitoring starting at only $14.99 per month, Simplisafe’s easy-to-use keypad with voice prompts can be used for those who want them without paying any monthly fees if they want an alarm to sound when something triggers their system but don’t require professional help in response. 


Cove Security offers a simple DIY installation and the ability to send emergency alerts without making costly monthly payments. The system can be controlled via its touch-screen hub, which is handy for any out-of-towner with an unexpected security concern but who doesn’t have time to call someone else over every time they need help at home. Cove uses RapidSOS technology so that 911 operators are given real-time information from their devices rather than relying on details relayed by monitoring centers; this ensures accurate response times across all service areas!

The Cove security system has a lot going for it, but most importantly, they have an excellent customer service team that can help you solve any problem with your home. It also offers some cool features like the ability to arm and disarm without being at home, so no one will be able to enter when you’re not there! That’s just one of their many superb defense mechanisms.


What is the best home security system without a monthly fee?

  • SimpliSafe Home Security.
  • Ring Home Security.
  • Abode Security.
  • Blue by ADT.
  • Cove Security.

What is the best and most affordable home security system?

Here are the top 5 cheap home security systems

  • Ring Alarm: 
  • Wyze Cam Pan
  • Kangaroo: Budget pick.
  • Abode
  • SimpliSafe

What is the best home security system for the money?

Here are the best home security systems of 2021:

  • Vivint. 
  • SimpliSafe. 
  • Frontpoint. 
  • ADT. 
  • Blue by ADT.
  • Abode.
  • Cove.
  • Ring Alarm.

Why is ADT so expensive?

ADT is an expensive option for home security. With low customer support ratings and binding 36-month contracts, ADT may not be the best choice if you’re looking to save money on your monthly payments without sacrificing the quality of service or features.

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