High-Tech Upgrades to Your Home to Keep Thieves at Bay


Your home should be the safest place in the world for you and your loved ones. Although a deadbolt will keep people from walking through your front door, there are even better ways to protect everything and everyone inside your house. Check out these high-tech home upgrades to keep thieves at bay using the latest advancements in home security.

1. Biometric Front Door Lock

Research from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that burglaries cost Americans $15.8 billion in 2019, so it’s no wonder people are looking for high-tech home security upgrades. A biometric front lock could prevent a basic home break-in through your front or side doors and takes only a few minutes to install.

After installing the lock on your chosen door, download its app on your smartphone. You’ll scan the fingerprint of anyone who can access your home and log their scans. Any thieves trying to get in will have to head elsewhere because their fingerprints don’t match your household records.

2. Wi-Fi Enabled Safe

Many homeowners have at least one safe to protect essential documents like birth certificates, social security cards and passports. Although they already use fireproof and waterproof materials, upgrading to a Wi-Fi-enabled model could prevent a burglar from breaking into the unit before police arrive.

Wi-Fi allows the safe to send tampering alerts and even open itself remotely. You’ll immediately know if someone is trying to steal whatever you keep in your safe and can call the authorities more quickly.

3. Geofencing Auto Locks

Whether you prefer to line your property with plants or build a physical fence, adding a geofence is another high-tech upgrade to consider. A corded system will run a wire under the ground to map your property or you could get a wireless geofence that maps the property from satellites.

Your smartphone can use the geofencing app to provide real-time updates. You’ll know whenever something crosses your property line and can even grant front door access when a guest arrives. A geofence provides significant peace of mind even if you only check your home’s locks remotely while on vacation.

It could also increase your property value. People are willing to pay more to move into houses with home security features because they’re an investment in their family’s well-being. Even if you don’t live close to public amenities that increase property values, high-tech upgrades could make it turn a bigger profit if you need to move elsewhere.

4. Infrared Security Cameras

Anyone can find a set of security cameras at their local home improvement store, but they’ll likely only provide clear pictures during the day. Infrared security cameras are a high-tech upgrade that keeps thieves at bay all day and night. Check the imaging on your camera system’s app or online dashboard to check on your property. If there’s a unit surveying every side of your home, even the best burglars will struggle to surprise you with a break-in.

5. Monitored Security Drones

There are a few ways to monitor your property with a security drone. Investing in a model that connects with newly installed security cameras would double your protection. You could launch it whenever you need to inspect your property to get a birds-eye view of places you can’t see from your back porch.

If you want round-the-clock security drone coverage, you must hire a team to operate and monitor them. A professional drone team will know how to conduct emergency procedures and fly at night because each member must have a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license. The coverage you get depends on what you want for your home and what’s within your budget.

6. Delivery Box With Built-In Scanner

Experts estimate that one in seven Americans have lost their delivery orders to porch pirates. Your front porch may be the most vulnerable part of your home if you place weekly or daily orders. Amp up your security with a secure delivery box locked by a QR code.

Most models have padlocks with a built-in scanner that delivery drivers use to scan the barcode on your package. The box opens when it recognizes the order’s barcode and locks when your package is safely inside. You can only retrieve your order by scanning the one-time QR code on the box brand’s app. Porch pirates will never worry you again.

7. Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Padlocks

Your front door might have a deadbolt or high-tech lock, but it isn’t the only way into your home. Thieves might also utilize entrances like crawlspaces and storm doors to access your belongings. You can always place a smart padlock outside each entrance to prevent these break-ins.

Your crawlspace, shed and basement will have better protection from a padlock with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. It can automatically detect lockpicks and alert you when it does. Bluetooth also lets you lock or unlock from your phone. Your belongings will be much safer, even in spaces you don’t usually access.

8. Wireless Video Intercom System

When your front doorbell rings, don’t wait to check the peephole to verify who’s on the other side. Installing a wireless video intercom system lets you see who’s at your front door before approaching it. You could even place the camera and intercom on your driveway’s gate. Guests and family members will verify who they are before you let them in. You can also get doorbell notifications to check someone’s identification remotely through your system’s app.

The most high-tech models include features like motion and heat detection sensors. Browse features like cameras that automatically record footage or have infrared capabilities to find the system that best fits your needs.

Consider High-Tech Home Security Upgrades 

Anyone can use these high-tech home upgrades to keep thieves at bay. Protect your property inside and out by investing in the latest technology. Your loved ones will be much safer while your belongings remain in the right hands.

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