How To Extend A Home Security System To Include Fence Line Of My Property

Last updated: January 21, 2022


Security alarm systems are excellent for protecting your home from threats and risks. However, it’s not enough to protect your house. It’s better to extend the coverage to the entirety of the property up until your fence line.

To extend home security systems, you should place sensors outside of the property line, especially at the entry points. Include fence alarms, outdoor siren systems, motion detection, and other similar accessories for the best coverage.

Aside from these accessories, here are some best practices you can do for better perimeter security.

1. Post Clear Signs

You can avoid intruders from entering your home by posting a home security sign. It can be as simple as “This area is protected by security cameras” and you’ll have something that will warn intruders and ask them to stay away from your property.

Signs are effective because they serve as a way to intimidate potential intruders without having to do much.

2. Test Your Security Alarms And Sensors

Another thing you can do to prevent intruders is to make sure that your security system is working properly. You can turn on the system and test out if the sensors can really detect motion outside. You can also schedule testing with your security provider, especially the part of calling the attention of the authorities.

3. Invest In Motion-Sensor Cameras 

Outdoor security cameras are one of the best defenses against intruders. By getting accessories with this technology, you know that your camera will catch the most important moments. For the best scope of footage, make sure you install your cameras by the gates and be key entry points to your property.

No matter what you invest in, different types of security systems will help add a layer of protection to your property. Extending the coverage to your entire property and the entire fence line will help you get a valuable heads up before a threat comes closer to your home.

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